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Tradenames and Brands of Guns and Gunsmakers

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S. A. (Suinaga y Aramberri) SP Mfr. of revolvers; see also Victor Aramberri & Sons
S. A. Automatique FN  
S. A. C. M. FN  
S. A. G. M. or S. A. G. E. M. FN  
S & S (Sauer & Sohn) WG  
S. E. A. M. SP  
S. I. A. IT  
S. I. G. (Swiss IndustrialGesellschaft)
S. Mfg. Co. (Singer) US US .45 U.S. pistol
S. M. SP Mfd. by Modesto Santos
S. M. L. E. EN English military rifle
S. S. Kresge US  
S. W. D. Industries, Inc. US  
S. W. Daniel Industries, Inc. US Mfd. by Cobray-Atlanta, GA
Sabatier FN  
Sabatti (Fias) IT Brand name of Armi Sabatti
Sabatti & Tanfoglio IT  
Sable IT Model of Beretta
Sable US Trademark of Galef
Saco Defense US Saco, ME; mfr. of Desert Eagle Pistols for Magnum Research and some Weatherby Rifles
Safari AT Double-barrel shotgun pistols mfd. by Industria Argentina
Safari EN Model of Parker-Hale rifle
Safari Arms, M-S US  
Safari Grade BG  
Saginaw Steering Div., General Motors US Mfr. of military carbines
Sahsho, Ltd. JA  
Sako FD  
Salaverria, Iraola SP  
Salford Imports US  
Salvage SP Mfd. by Ojanguren & Vidosa
Salvaje - Not a brand; Spanish for safety
Sam Holt US  
Samuel Marson & Co. US  
San Marco, Armi IT Replicas of antiques
San Paulo BZ Brand of shotgun; mfr. unknown
San Remo AU Shotgun; model of Ferlach
Sanders US  
Sanderson -  
Sangenhau -  
Sansho, Ltd. JA  
Santa Barbara SP Rifles; imported by Connecticut Valley Arms
Santa Fe Firearms US Converted military arms
Santa Fe M-59 IT Copy of Beretta
Santos, Modesto SP  
Sap US Mfd. by RPB Industries
Sarasqueta, Felix, & Co. SP Mfr. of shotguns
Sarasqueta, Victor SP Mfr. of shotguns
Sarco (Charles Steen Armament Co.) US Importer
Sardius Industries IS  
Sarmco SX  
Sarsicmaz TY Mfr. of shotguns
Sata IT Trademark of Sabatti & Tanfoglio Rifles
Sauer & Sohn (S & S) WG  
Sauer, J. P., & Sons WG  
Savage Arms Corp., Div. of Emhart Corp. US  
Savage/Anschutz US/WG imported by Savage
Savage-Stevens - See Savage Arms Corp.
Saxhoj Product DK M-80 22-caliber pistol
Schall & Co. US Mfd. by Fiala Arms & Equipment Co.
Scheintod/Scheintot GE Mfr. of handguns
Schieder, Karl (Kaschie) WG Mfr. of derringers
Schilling GE  
Schimel - Gas/air pistol
Schintad -  
Schmeisser GE Mfd. by C. G. Haenel, Erma, and others
Schmeisser & Simpson GE  
Schmeizer GE  
Schmelzer US Brand of Hunter Arms
Schmidt, Herbert WG Mfr. of handguns
Schmidt, Osthelm WG Mfd. by Herbert Schmidt
Schmidt-Rubin SZ Swiss military rifle
Schüle, GE  
Schofield's US Mfr. of scopes and sights
Schonberger AU  
Schouboe DK Dansk Rekylriffel Syndikat
Schulhof, Wien FN  
Schover GE Single-shot rifles
Schroeder, Freses Ames BG Distributor
Schüler, August GE  
Schultz/Larsen DK  
Schuyler, Hartley, & Graham US  
Schwarzlose, A. W. AU  
Schweizerische SZ See Swiss Industrial Gesellschaft
Scorpion CK  
Scott EN Mfd. by Webley & Scott
Scott US Mfd. by Hopkins & Allen; subsidiary of Hood
Scott Arms Co. US  
Scotti IT  
Scout US  
Sealed Eight US Model of Iver Johnson
Seaport Traders US Importer; old name for Madison Import Co.
Sears, Roebuck & Co. US  
Secours SP Mfd. by Tomas de Urizar y Cia
Secret Service US/SP Mfd. by Howard Arms, U.S. Revolver Co., and others
Security Industry of America, Inc. US Handguns
Security Six US Model of Sturm, Ruger & Co.
Sedco Industries US Lake Elsinore, CA
Sedgley, R. F., Inc. US  
Seecamp, L. W. US Milford, CT
Selbstlade Pistole - Not a brand; means auto loading pistol; see Becker & Hollander and others
Selbstlader, F. L. GE ; Model of Langenhan
Select Weapon Systems, Inc. US Walnut Creek, CA
Selecta SP Mfd. by Echave y Arizmendi
Semmerling Corp. US Mfr. of handguns
Sendra Corp. US Barrington, IL; A1 Receiver
Seneca/Seneca Renegade US Mfd. by Thompson Center Arms Co.
Senorita GE Rohm-converted starter guns by Buddie Arms Co.
Sentinal Arms US Ridgway, PA
Sentinel US Model of High Standard
Seritsan TY Izmir, Turkey
Serna IT  
Serrifile, Inc. US Lancaster, CA
Service Armament Co. US Importer
Service-6 US Model of Sturm, Ruger & Co.
Seytres FN  
SGW Enterprises US Mfr. of frames
Shadow/Shadow Indy JA Model of shotguns
Shapleigh Hardware Co. US Distributor of shotguns
Sharp Shooter SP Mfd. by Hijos de Calixto Arrizabalaga
Sharps & Hankins US Civil War carbines
Sharps & Sons (C. Sharps & Co.) US  
Sharps Rifle Mfg. Co. JA Mfd. by Miroku Firearm Co.
Sharps-Borchardt US Single-shot rifles
Shattuck, C. S., Arms Co. US  
Sheffield US  
Sheridan Products, Inc. US Mfr. of pistols and air guns
Sheriff's Model US  
Sherwood US Model of Eastern Firearms Co.
Shikar GE/AU Model of Voere
Shiki (copy Mauser M. P.) TW Shanghai Arsenal
Shilen Rifles, Inc. US Mfr. of custom rifles
Shiloh Products (Sharps rifle) US Mfr. of rifles
Shin Chuo Kogyo, K. K. JA Mfr. of shotguns and pistols
Shinkosha JA  
Shinn-A-Sipja KO Seoul, South Korea
Shooters Arms Manufacturing (S. A. M.) PI Philippines
Shorty WG Mfd. by Rhoem Gesellschaft
Shue's Special US  
Siamese WG Type of Mauser
Sickles Arms Co. (Sickles & Preston) BG Imported by H & D Folsom Arms Co.
Side Kick US Mfd. by Harrington & Richardson
Sierra Arms Co. IT  
Sig-Sauer WG  
Silah Makina Klip San, TIC, Ltd. TY Izmir, Turkey; trade name Hatsan
Sile Distributors, Inc. IT/US Importer of black-powder arms
Silma Sporting Gun IT Brescia, Italy
Silver IT Shotgun; model of Franchi
Simeon North US Carbine s
Simmons EM  
Simmon's Quails Fargo US Made by Savage
Simonov SX Soviet AK rifles
Simplex GE Model of Bergmann-Schmeisser
Simplex US Imported by Stoeger
Simson GE  
Simson US Brand name of Iver Johnson
Singer SP/CZ Mfd. by Francisco Arizmendi and Frantisek Dusek
Single Six US Model of Sturm, Ruger & Co.
Sionics US  
Sirkis Industries, Ltd. IS  
Sites IT Brescia, Italy
Sites Specter IS Ramat-Gan, Israel
Sivispacem SP  
Six Pack US Mfd. by La France Specialties
SKB Firearms Co. JA Mfr. of shotguns
Skoda CK  
SKS RC Mfd. by North China Ind.
Slavia CK  
Slocum US Mfd. by Brooklyn Arms Co.
S-M GE Mfd. by Rhoner
Smimura JA Distributor
Smith (not Smith & Wesson) US  
Smith & Wesson US  
Smith Enterprises US Tempe, AZ; mfr. of semiautomatic M-14 rifles
Smith, Joe B. -  
Smith, L. C., Gun Co. US Mfr. of shotguns
Smith Mfg. Co. US Holland, OH
Smith, Otis A. US  
Smith Washington Co. US Mfd. by Crescent
Smith-Corona (not Smith & Wesson) US Military
Smith-Sonian US Mfd. by Crescent or Harrington & Richardson
Smok PO  
Smoker US Model of Iver Johnson
Smythe, John M., Mdes., (or Hdw.) Co. US Various mfrs.
Snake Charmer US Mfd. by H. Koon, Inc.
Snake Eyes US Mfd. by Classic Arms
Snipe EN Mfd. by Birmingham Small Arms
Snipe (Golden-Silver) IT Brand of Beretta for Galef
Societe Anonyme BG  
Societe D'Armes FN  
Sodia, Franz AU  
Sokolovsky Corp. US Sunnyvale, CA
Solingen Cutlery US Importer; see Liberty Arms
Solothurn AU/GE  
Solway P  
Sontheimbrenz GE part of Rohm address
Soper EN  
Sosso, Guilio IT  
Sougun GE Mfd. by Rhoem Gesellschaft
Southern Arms Co. US Trade name of Crescent
Southwest Manufacturing US Chandler, AZ
Spandau GE Royal arsenal
Spanish American War Vintage US Springfield, IL; Springfield Armory
Special (Suhl) GE Model of August Menz
Special Agent SP Model of Dickson
Special Service US  
Special Weapons LLC US Tempe, AZ; H & K weapon
Specialized Weapons & Individual Survival Systems US San Antonio, TX
Specialty Arms US Springfield, OH
Speed Six US Model of Sturm, Ruger & Co.
Spencer Gun Co. US Mfd. by Crescent
Spencer Rifle US Civil War military
Spesco VARIOUS Various mfrs.
Spesco Corp. US Importer/manufacturer
Sphinx Engineering, S. A. SZ Formerly ITM
Spiller & Burr US Civil War revolvers
Spirlet FN  
Spitfire Mfg. Co. US Police carbines
Spitfire-Super 777 IT Starter guns; mfd. by Uniwerke
Sport Arm of Florida US  
Sport King US Model of High Standard
Sportarms US  
Sportco AU  
Sporting Arms Co. US Mfr. of shotguns
Sporting Arms Mfg. US Littlefield, TX
Sportsman US Names of Harrington & Richardson, Crescent, and other mfrs.
Spreewerk GE WW II military mfr.
Springer's Erben, Johann AU Mfr. of shotguns
Springfield (military rifles) US  
Springfield Armory (Springfield, IL) US  
Springfield Armory M1A (Devine, TX) US Commercial M1A rifles
Springfield Arms Co. US Name used by Crescent, Savage, and Warner Arms Corp.
Springfield Firearms US Springfield, MA
Sprinter SP Mfd. by Gregorio Bolumburu
Spy US Mfd. by Bliss & Goodyear
Square Deal US Model of Crescent
Squibman PI Mfr. of shotguns and rifles
Squire PI Mfd. by Squibman
Squire's Bingham PI Mfd. by Squibman
SST (State Arms Gun Co.) US Mfd. by Crescent
St. Etienne Armes FN Mfd. by Manufacture D'Armes St. Etienne
St. Gotthardt BG  
St. Hubert FN  
St. Louis Arms Co. BG Imported by H. & D. Folsom
Staggs Bilt Products US Arms Co. for Hunter Arms Co.
Stallard Arms US  
Stallion IT Model of Aldo Uberti
Standard Arms Co. US  
Standard Arms of Nevada US Reno, NV; not same as Standard Arms Company (STD) Delaware
Standard Products Co. US Mfr. of military-style carbines
Standart AU Model of Schwarzlose
Stanley BG Imported by H & D Folsom Arms Co.
Stanley Arms Co. US  
Stanley Tool Co. (The Stanley Works) US  
Stan's Gunsmithing Service US Webster, NH
Star SP  
Starfire SP Model of Star
Starlite SP Model of Star
Starr Arms Co. US Mfr. of Civil War carbines
State Arms Co. US Mfd. by Crescent
State Arms Gun Co. US Waunakee, WI; mfr. of rifles
tate Arms Gun Co. ("SST) US Mfd. by Crescent
Steel City Arms US Pittsburgh, PA
Steelville Mfr. Co. US  
Steen, Charles, Armament Co. (Sarco) US Importer
Stefano Lucheni IT  
Sten EN/AS Submachine guns
Stenda/Stenda Werke GE Waffenfabrik-Stenda Werke
Steph FN Mfd. by L. Bergereon
Stephen Grant & Joseph Land, Ltd. EN  
Sterling EN Submachine guns
Sterling (revolvers) US Mfd. by E. L. Dickinson
Sterling (shotguns) US Mfd. by Crescent
Sterling Arms US Mfr. of handguns
Sterlingworth II SP  
Sterlingworth/A. H. Fox US Double-barrel shotguns
Stern EN Starter guns
Stern GE Mfd. by Albin Wall
Stevens/J. Stevens Arms Co. US  
Stewart GE  
Steyr AU  
Steyr-Hahn AU  
Steyr-Mannlicher AU Mfd. by Steyr
Steyr-Solothurn AU/GE  
Stingray/Sting Ray GE Model of Rhoner
Stock, Franz GE/WG Mfr. of shotguns and pistols
Stocking, Alexander & Co. US  
Stoeger Arms US Importer; France, Germany, and Spain
Stoeger Industries US Importer; France, Germany, and Spain
Stoeger Industries, Inc.   - See Daewoo
Stoner, Eugene US Designer of Stoner Weapons System
Stop HU Mfd. by Feg Union (Frommer)
Storm GE Single-shot rifles
Storm Lake Machine, Inc. US Lenoir City, TN
Stosel SP Mfd. by Retolaza
Strakonice - Not a brand; see CZ
Strayer Tripp, Intl. US ustin, TX; mfr. of Colt 1911 clone, "Model 2011
Strayer-Voigt US TX; mfr. of Grand Prairie,
Streetsweeper US pistols. See also Striker 12
Striker 12 - Similar to Streetsweeper
Stroeger, A. - 12-gauge shotgun. Do not confuse with Stoeger Arms
Stuka IT Brand name of Rigarmi
Sturm, Ruger & Co. US Mfr. of rifles and handguns
Sucesor de e Guisasola SP  
Sudarev SX  
Suhl - Not a brand; city in Germany
Suinaga y Aramberri (S. A.) SP Mfr. of revolvers
Sullivan Arms Co. US Brand of Crescent
Sundance Industries US North Hollywood, CA
Sunngard, Harold NW  
Suomi FD Mfr. of submachine guns
Super 777 IT Starter gun; mfd. by Uniwerke
Super Azul SP Mfd. by Arrostegui
Super Bearcat US Model of Sturm, Ruger & Co.
Super Dakota WG Mfd. by Sauer & Son (S & S)
Super Destroyer SP  
Super Dreadnaught US Model of Stevens
Super Goose 10 US Model of Marlin shotgun
Super Range Goose US Model of Stevens
Super Thirty EN Model of Holland & Holland
Super Titan/Super Titan III US Mfd. by F. I. E.
Superior JA Model of Miroku shotgun
Superior US VVarious mfrs.
Supermatic US Model of High Standard
Superposed (shotgun) BG See Browning
Sureté - Not a brand; French for safety
Survival Arms US Maker of AR-7 rifle (post-1991)
Svendsen, Erl US derringers
Swampangel US Mfd. by Forehand & Wadsworth
Swampangel US Mfd. by Hopkins & Allen
Sweet Sixteen BG Browning shotgun
Swift US Model of Iver Johnson
Swift Mfg. Co. EN  
Swiss Industrial Gesellschaft (S. I. G.) SZ  
Syco Double Hammerless US  
Sympathique FN Mfd. by Manufacture D'Armes des Pyrenees
Syracuse Forging Co. US Succeeded by Baker Gun Forging Co.
Systema la Lira VARIOUS    
Systema Obregon MM Model of Obregon

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