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Tradenames and Brands of Guns and Gunsmakers

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P & G (Paxton & Gallegher) US  
P P I US Ducktown, TN; mfr. of Pocket Pal
P. O. Ackley US Mfr. of rifles
P. or Pietro Beretta IT  
P. S. Justice US Mfr. of Civil War rifles
P-38 GE Code by mfr.
PAC (Pacific Arms Co.) US Importer
Pachmayr Gun Works US  
Pacific US Brand name of Pacific Arms Co.
Pacific International Mfg. Corp. US Distributor
Padre IT  
AF "Junior SF .25 pistol; model of Colt
Page-Lewis US  
Pagoma US  
Pal US Model of Harrington & Richardson
Palmer Chemical & Equipment Co., Inc. US fr. of "Cap-Chure tranquilizing dart gun
Palmetto US Marking on Tryon rifles
Palmetto Armory US Confederate armory
Pantax AT Mfd. by E. Woerther
Panther IT Model of Beretta
Panzer SP Mfd. by Echasa
Panzer US Derringer made by F. I. Garcia
Par & Case -  
Para Ordnance CD Mfr. of military and civilian
Parabellum GE  
Paraga CK  
Paragon SP  
Paragon US weapons; Brand of Stevens and Hopkins & Allen
Paramount SP Made by Spadozo, Apaolozo, or Retolaza;
Pardini IT Imported by Fiocchi
Parker-Hale EN  
Parker/Parker Brothers US Mfr. of shotguns
Parkhurst, William EN/BG  
Parkington & Richardson US  
Parole US Mfd. by Hopkins & Allen
Pasadena Firearms US Importer
Pasper S. R. L. AT .22-caliber revolver mfd. by Industria Argentina
Pathfinder SP Mfd. by Echave y Arizmendi
Pathfinder US Model of Charter Arms Corp.
Pathfinder US Model of Hopkins & Allen
Patriot US Mfd. by Bliss & Goodyear
Patriot US Mfr. of Partisan Avenger
Paul Jaeger US/WG  
Pawnee/Pawnee Scout GE Model of Herbert Schmidt
PAWS US See Police Automatic
Paxton & Gallegher (P & G) US Weapons Service
Peabody, H. O. US Mfr. of Civil War rifles
Peabody-Martini EN See also Martini
Peacemaker (Frontier) US Model of Colt
Pedersen Div. of Mossberg US Shotguns and rifles
Pedersoli IT Mfr. of replicas of old West guns, antiques, and muzzle loading percussion
Pedro Arosa Aguirre SP Mfr. of shotguns
Pedro Gorosabel IT  
Peerless US Model of Crescent
Peerless US Model of Stevens
Peerless Gun US Mfd. by Remington Arms Co.
Pelican US Trademark of Olgilvie Hardware
Penar GE Rifles; trademark of Anschutz
Penetrator US Mfd. by Bliss & Goodyear
Penguin US Mfr. of tear gas guns and distress signals
Penn Arms US Punxsutawney, PA; mfr. of Striker 12-gauge shotguns
Penney, J. C. -  
Penney, J. C. (Foremost) US Various mfrs.
Peote SP  
Perazzi IT Mfr. of shotguns
Peregrine Inds. US Huntington Beach, CA
Perfect FN  
Perfect SP Mfd. by Gabilondo
Perfecta GE Mfr. of starter pistols
Perfection US Mfd. by Crescent
Perfecto SP Mfd. by Orbea
Perrin FN  
Perry, Alonzo D. US  
Peter Stahl GE Paderborn, Germany
Pheasant FN Shotgun; model of Darne
Phillip and Rodgers US Conroe, TX; mfr. of .257 caliber, 6-shot Medusa 47 revolver
Phillip Clay Roettinger MM Mfr. of rifles
Phoenix US Hopkins & Allen
Phoenix US Eli Whitney
Phoenix Arms Co. US Mfr. of pistols
PIC (Precise Imports Co.) US Importer from Germany and Italy
Pickert, Friedrich GE  
Piedmont Hdw. Co. US Mfd. by Crescent
Pieper BG Anciens Establishments Pieper
Pietro Zanoletti IT  
Pinkerton SP Mfd. by Gaspar Arizaga
Pioneer Arms Co. US Mfd. by Crescent
Pirlot/Pirlot Freres BG  
Pistole M. 37 or M. 29 HU Military pistol
Pistole Modell 27 CK Military pistol
Pistolet Auto. Francais Union FN Mfd. by Seytres
Pistolet Automatique N. Pieper BG  
Pistolet Flobert FN  
Pistolet Korovin SX Mfd. by Tula Arsenal
Pittsfield US Brand of Hibbard, Spencer, & Bartlett
PJK HU Mfd. by Feg Union
Placencia - Not a brand; city in Spain; see Arizaga
Plainfield Machine Co. US Mfr. of commercial M1 carbines
Plains US odel of Thompson Center Arms Co.
Plant's Mfg. Co. US  
Plinker US Model of High Standard
Plinker WG Mfd. by Rhoem Gesellschaft
Plus Ultra SP Mfd. by Gabilondo
Plymouth US Various mfrs.
Pneu-Dart, Inc. US/AS Tranquilizer guns
Polain, Prosper BG  
Polaris IT Mfd. by A. P. Zanoletti
Police Automatic Weapons Service (PAWS) US Salem, OR; mfr. of Sterling type and semiautomatic AR-15 firearms
Police Ordnance Co. (Machine Gun Mfg. Co.) US
Police Service-6 US Model of Sturm, Ruger & Co.
Polizei - Not a brand; German word for police
Polytechnologies CN  
Pompeya - US
Pond, Lucius W. GE  
POS (Pride of Spain) SP Mfr. of shotguns
Powder Horn US  
Powell -  
Powell Knife/Pistol Co. US Tucson, AZ; mfr. of PKP knife/pistol
Powermag WG Imported by Herter; various mfrs.
PP/PPK/PPKS GE Models of Walther
Praha/Prague - Not a brand; city in Czechoslovakia
Prairie King US Mfd. by Bliss & Goodyear
Precise Imports Co. (PIC) US Importer of guns from Germany and Italy
Precision SP Identical to Ca-Si
Precision US  
Precision Ballistics, Inc. US Mfd. by Feather Enterprise
Precision Inds. US Mfd. by Mountain Arms Co.
Precision Liegeoise BG Mfr. of Mitraillette Vigneron (9 mm M2 submachine gun)
Precision Small Parts (PSP) US Charlottesville, VA; mfr. of PSP 25
Premier JA Mfr. of shotguns
Premier SP Mfd. by Tomas de Urizar y Cia
Premier US Brand name used by various mfrs.
Premier Special US Brand of Hunter Arms Co.
Prescott, E. A. US  
Pretoria Arms Factory SF Pretoria, South Africa
Price, J. W. US Brand of Hunter Arms Co.
Pride of Brazil BZ Mfd. by Boito
Pride of Spain (POS) SP Mfr. of shotguns
Prima FN  
Prince US Various mfrs.
Princeps SP Mfd. by Tomas de Urizar y Cia
Professional Ordnance US Ontario, CA; mfr. of polymer frames and firearms
Progress US  
Prosper Polain BG  
Protector US/SP Various mfrs. in Spain and U.S.
Protector Arms Co. US  
Providence Tool Co. US Mfd. by H. O. Peabody
Puma IT Model of Beretta
Puppit SP Mfd. by Ojanguren & Vidosa
Puppy BG/SP/GE Spanish mfr. is Francisco Arizmendi; various other mfrs.
Purdey, James, & Sons EN Rifles and shotguns
PWA (Pack West Arms) US Mfd. in Milan, IL; assembled in Python Spokane, WA

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