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Tradenames and Brands of Guns and Gunsmakers

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E14/E9 IT Models of Titanic; mfd. by Giuseppe Tanfoglio
E. A. SP Echave y Arizmendi
E. A. Brown Manufacturing US Alexandria, MN; single-shot
E. A. Brown Mfg. US  
E. A. Co. US pistols Essential Arms Co.
E. A. Prescott US  
E & R Machine, Inc. US Frames
E. B. A. C. FN Mfd. by D'Armes des Pyrenees
E. C. Meacham Arms Co. US  
E. J. Churchill, Ltd. EN  
E. L. Dickinson US  
E. M. Reilly & Co. EN  
E. R. Amantino BZ Successor to Boito
E. R. Maples Co. US Antioch, TN
E. Whitney US Early mfr. of rifles
E. Woerther AT  
Eagle US Mfd. by American Arms, Inc.
Eagle Arms US Coal Valley, IL
Eagle Arms US Imported by J. L. Galef
Eagle Gun Co. US  
Earlhood US Mfd. by Hood Firearms Co.
Earthquake US Brand name of Dickinson
Eastern US Brothers Brand name of Stevens
Eastern Arms Co. US Brand name of Meriden
Eastern Firearms Co. US Firearms Co. and Stevens Importer; see Sherwood
Eastern Sports US Importer for Dynamit Nobel
Eastfield US Shotgun; brand name of Smith
Ebony IT & Wesson Model of Franchi
Echasa SP  
Echave y Arizmendi SP See also Arizmendi
Echeverria, Bonifacio SP See Star
Eclipse SP  
Eclipse US See E. C. Meacham Arms Co.
Ed Agramonte US Importer
Ed Brown Products, Inc. US Perry, MO
Eddy Mfg. Co. (EMC) US  
Eddystone US Military-issue weapon mfd. at Eddystone-Remington plant
Edward Tryon & Co. US Distributor
Eibar - Not a brand; city in Spain
Eig Cutlery US Importer of weapons mfd. in Italy, Japan, Spain, and Germany
Einhand GE Pocket pistols
Ejericito Argentina AT Mfd. by F. M. M. A. P.
El Cano SP Mfd. by Arana y Cie
El Cid SP  
El Dorado US Brand name of United Sporting
El Faisan IT  
El Perro SP Arms Mfd. by Las Curarin y Olasola
Elbert GE Mfr. of cane guns
Elderkin & Sons EN  
Eldorado IT Shotgun; model of Franchi
Electric US Mfd. by Forehand &
Electric City US Wadsworth Mfd. by Crescent or H & D
Eley/Eley-Kynoch EN  
Elgin/Elgin Arms Co. US Folsom Arms Co. Model mfd by Crescent
Elgoibar - Not a brand; city in Spain
Elita US Model of Davenport shotgun
Elite FN Mfd. by D'Armes des Pyrenees
Elliott -  
Ells, Josiah US Early arms mfr.
Elof Hansson SP  
EMC US Mfd. by Eddy Mfg. Co.
Emdeko Intl. US  
Emerging Technologies, Inc. US Little Rock, AR; mfr. of
EMF Co. (Early & Modern Firearm Co.) US Laseraim Importer
EMGE/EM GE WG See Gerstenberger & Eberwein
Emil Kerner -  
Emil Zehner (Suhl) GE Mfr. of pistols
Empire IT Shotgun model of Beretta
Empire US Brand name of Crescent
Empire Arms Co. US  
Empire State Arms Co. US Mfd. by Crescent and Hunter Arms for Sears, Roebuck & Co.
ENCOM US See also Enfield America
ENCOM America US  
Enders (Oak Leaf, Royal Service, or Special Service) US Brands of Crescent
Enfield America US Now called ENCOM; mfd. in GA
Enfield/Enfield Lock US/EN British military arsenal; also see Albion
Enforcer US Mfd. by Universal Firearms Corp.
Englishman EN Model of Lee Enfield
Enterprise Arms US Irwindale, CA; rifle receivers and pistol frames mfd. by ABN Industrial, Buena Park, CA
Enterprise Gun Works US Mfr. of shotguns
ERA BZ Marking on some Boito guns
Era FD Brand of Valmet
Erben GE Model of Bergmann
Erbi/Armas Erbi SP Mfr. of shotguns
Erfurt GE Royal arsenal; see Ortgies or Mauser
Erika AU  
Erl Svendsen US Now called Esfac, Inc.; mfr. of derringers
Erma/Erma Werke WG  
Ermua - Not a brand; city in Spain
Ernest Kazik US Milwaukee, WI
Ernst Thelmann Werke GE Mfr. of German Makarov
Erquiaga, Marguruza, y Cia SP  
Errasti, Antonio SP  
Escodin SP  
Escopeta - Not a brand; Spanish for shotgun
Esfac, Inc. US See Erl Svendsen
Esmit SP Mfd. by Hijos de C.
Espana Astra SP Arrizabalaga See Astra
Especial SP Mfd. by Hijos de C.
Especial SP Arrizabalaga Model of Gabilondo
Esperanza SP  
Esperanza y Unceta SP Mfd. by Astra
Espingarda BZ  
Essential Arms Co. US Krotz Springs, LA
Essex US Trade name of Belknap; hardware on guns made especially for them by others
Essex US Mfd. by Crescent
Essex US Trade name of J. Stevens Arms& Tool Co.
Essex Arms Corp. US Frames
Establishments Pieper BG  
Estal SP  
Estrella SP Early model of Star
Estul, Inc. US  
Ethan Allen & Co. US  
Etna BG/SP  
Eugene Stoner US Designer of Stoner Weapons
Eulogio Arrostegui SP  
Euroarms IT  
Euromanufacture IT System Mfr. of black powder guns
European American Armory Corp. US Hialeah, FL
European American Arms Corp. US/IT  
Eurostahl GE Importer
Eusebio Arizaga SP  
Euskaro SP Copy of Smith & Wesson revolver
Eusta/Eusta-Schieder GE Brand name of Kaschie-Wrage
Ever Best US Single-barrel shotgun
Excalibur IT Shotguns
Excam US/IT Manufacturer/importer
Excel US Brand name of Crescent
Excel US Brand name of Iver Johnson
Excelsior US/SP/EN Mfd. in U.S. by Bliss & Gardner, MA
Exel Arms of America US Goodyear
Expert US Brand of Crescent
Expert Rifle US  
Express US/SP Revolver mfd. in U.S. by Bacon
Extracteur BG Mfr. of Ancion Marx


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