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Tradenames and Brands of Guns and Gunsmakers

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F. A. (Francisco Arizmendi) SP  
F and L, SRL AT  
F & W (Forehand & Wadsworth) US  
F. Ascaso SP  
F. da de Escopatos SP Mfr. of shotguns
F. Dusek Opotschno PO  
F. I. E. (Firearms Import & Export) WG/IT/US Importer and mfr. of Titan
F. I. Garcia US  
F. L. (F. Langenhan) GE  
F. L. Selbstlader GE Model of Langenhan
F. Langenhan GE Invented or mfd by Fritz Langenhan
F. M. E. CQ Identical to Famae
F. M. G. CQ Military weapons
F. M. J. (Full Metal Jacket) US Copperhill, TN; mfr. of .38- and.45-caliber single-shot derringer and .45 Long Colt/410 bore
F. M. M. A. P./FAMMAP AT  
F. N. (Fabrique Nationale) BG Belgian mfr. of Browning
F. Pedretti IT Brescia, Italy
FA MAS FN See also M. A. S.
FAB (F. A. Bower) US Importer
Fabico US Importer
Fabio Zanotti IT Mfr. of shotguns
Fabri, Armi IT Mfr. of shotguns
Fabrica Armi Gradoga IT Mfr. of handguns
Fabrica Armi Sarezzo IT  
Fabrica D'Armas-IWA SP  
Fabrica D'Armes F. Delu BG  
Fabrica D'Armi F. lli Tanfoglio S. N. C. IT Mfr. of revolvers
Fabrica D'Armi Fratelli Pietta IT  
Fabrica de Armas Mexico City MM  
Fabrica de Armas Zaragosa MM  
Fabrica de Automoviles Hispano Argentina AT Mfr. of Ballester-Molina guns
Fabrica de Material de Guerra CQ Government military arsenal
Fabrica E. Woerther AT  
Fabrica Italiani Armi Sabatti IT Mfr. of shotguns; see Armi Sabatti
Fabrica Militar de Armas Portatiles (F. M. A. P.) AT  
Fabricado PCR AT Mfd. by Fabrica de Automoviles Hispano Argentina
Fabrique D'Armes de Guerre de Precision SP  
Fabrique Nationale D'Armes de Guerre BG Mfr. of some Brownings
Fade SP  
Fagnus, A. BG Mfr. of revolvers and pistols
Fahrzeug und Jagdwaffen GE  
Fajen Mfg. Co. US  
Falco IT See Bruno Alberti
Falcon BZ Trade name of Spesco; mfr. by Taurus
Falcon SP Mfd. by Astra
Falcon WG  
Falke/Falke World Arms GE Mfd. by World Arms Corp.
Falling Block Works US Single-shot rifles; see Fix
FAMAE/FAMAP CQ Identical to F. M. G.
Famars di Abbiatico & Salvinelli IT Mfr. of rifles/shotguns
Far BG  
Fara IT  
Farms IT Early trade name of Masieri shotguns; now known as Armi Atis
Farwell Arms Co. US  
Fast SP Model of Echasa
Faultless/Faultless Goose Gun US Model of Crescent
Fausti Stephano IT  
Fausto Massi IT Vicenza, Italy
Favorit SP  
Favorite US Mfd. by Iver Johnson
Favorite US Mfd. by Savage
Favorite US Mfd. by Stevens
Favorite Navy US Brand of Iver Johnson
FB-1 GE/SP Mfd. by Erma
FCA Armas AT Trademark of Industria Argentina
Feather Enterprises US Boulder, CO
Federal Arms Co. US Brand of Meridian Firearms Co.
Federal Engineering Corp. US Mfr. of rifles
Federal Firearms Co. US  
Federal Laboratories US Mfr. of tear gas guns and ammunition
Federal Ordnance US South El Monte, CA
Feg Union HU Trademark of Frommer
Fegyvergyar HU ranslation "Hungarian Arms; military weapons mfd. by Feg Union
Feinwerkbau WG Mfr. of F12 Sporter Pellet Rifle
Felia Arms Co. US  
Felix Sarasqueta & Co. SP Mfr. of shotguns
Felk Inds. AS Warners Bay, Australia
Felling US Sauk Center, MN
Femaru HU  
Ferlach AU Mfr. of shotguns and rifles; also city in Austria
Fernando Ormachea SP  
Fernwood Gun Supply US Mfr. of percussion kits
Ferret US Brand of Universal Sales
Ferunion HU  
FFV (Forenade Fabrik Verken) SQ Importer and exporter of Husqvarna and Carl Gustav
Fiala Arms & Equipment Co. US Mfr. of pistols
Fias IT Shotguns; brand name of Armi Sabatti
Fiat IT Military weapons
Fidjeland SQ  
Fiel FN Mfd. by Erquiaga
Field & Fireside -  
Field King US Model of High Standard
Fieldmaster US Mfd. by Remington Arms Co., Inc.
Fiel/Fiel No. 1 SP Mfd. by Erquiaga
Finlandia FD Model of Tikka Turkey Gun; imported by F. I. Garcia
Finnbear FD Model of Sako
Finnish Lion/Finnish Lion Jr. FD Imported by Interarmco and F. I. Garcia
Finnwolf FD Rifle model of Sako
Fiocchi-Pardini IT Lecco, Italy; mfr. of target pistols and ammunition
Fire Power, Inc. US  
Firearms Co., Ltd. EN  
Firearms Co., The US Mfr. of barrels
Firearms Development Co. US Mfr. of Omega rifles
Firearms Import & Export (F. I. E.) WG/IT/US Importer and mfr. of Titan
Firearms Intl. Corp. US Mfr. of Kimel
Firearms Intl. Inds. (F. I. Industries) US Subsidiary of Garcia Corp.
Firebird GE/HU Model of Hege
Firecat SP Model of Astra
Firestar SP Model of Star
Fitchburg - Not a brand; city in MA
Fix/Fix Brothers US Mfr. of single-shot rifles
Flaig's US Mfr.; also importer of Voere
Fleming Firearms US Collinsville, OK
Flite King US Model of High Standard
FLLT Pietta IT Mfd. by Beretta
Flobert FN Mfr. of Pistolet Flobert
Florida SP  
Florida Firearms US Importer/manufacturer
FN-FAL BG Model of F. N./Browning
Folsom, H & D, Arms Co. US  
Foote, J. P. US  
Foote, John Pril US  
Forbes, F. F. US Brand of Crescent
Forehand & Wadsworth (F & W) US Worcester, MA
Forehand Arms Co. US  
Foremost (J. C. Penney) US Brand sold by J. C. Penney; see J. C. Penney
Forenade Fabrik Verken (FFV) SQ Importer and exporter of Husqvarna and Carl Gustav
Forest King US Brand of Hunter Arms Co.
Forester FD Model of Sako
Forever Yours AU Mfd. by Ferlach
Forjas Taurus BZ Imported by Spesco, F. I. Garcia, and others
Fortuna SP Model of Astra
Fosbery, G. V. EN  
Foster Hardware Co. US  
Foster Industries US Hardwick, VT; pistol frames
Fort Worth Firearms US Fort Worth, TX
Fox CK Mfd. by Ceska Zbrojovka
Fox (model B only) US Mfd. by Savage
Fox, A. H. (Sterlingworth) US Double-barrel shotguns
Fox Carbine US Model of Tri-C-Corp
Francais, Le FN Model of M. A. S.
Franchi SP/IT  
Francisco Arizmendi SP  
Francisco Sarruigarte SP  
Francesco Tanfolglio IT Mfr. of shotguns and handguns
Franco FN Model of M. A. S.
Francois Mayor SZ  
Francolette, August, Co. US  
Franconia WG Importer
Francotte, August BG Mfr. of shotguns
Frank de Haas - Single-shot rifles
Frank Harrison Arms Co. BG Imported by H & D Folsom Arms Co. for Sickels Arms Co.
Frank Wesson US  
Frankfort Arsenal, Inc. US Fort Lauderdale, FL
Franklin, Ben US  
Franklin, Benjamin US  
Franklin, C. W. BG Imported by H & D Folsom Arms Co.
Franz Sodia AU Mfr. of shotguns
Franz Stock GE/WG Mfr. of shotguns and pistols
Fraser Arms Co. US Fraser, MI
Fratelli Bertuzzi IT Brescia, Italy; mfr. of shotguns
Fratelli Pietta IT  
Fratelli Piotti IT Brescia, Italy; mfr. of shotguns
Fratelli Tanfolglio IT Mfr. of pistols; same company as Armi Giuseppe Tanfoglio
Freedom Arms Co. US  
Freses Ames Schroeder BG Distributor
Friedr GE  
Friedrich Pickert GE  
Frigon US Clay Center, KS
Fritz Langenhan GE  
Fritz Mann (Mann Werke) GE  
Fritz Werke GE  
Frommer HU Mfd. by Feg Union
Frommer Liliput HU Mfd. by Feg Union
Frontier BG/SP  
Frontier (revolver) US Brand name
Frontier Bulldog BG  
Frontier Model Derringer US/WG Numerous mfrs.
Frontier Scout US Model of Colt
Frontiersman IT Mfd. by Aldo Uberti
Fruhuf GE Mfd. by Lux
Full Metal Jacket US See F. M. J.
Fullerton -  
Fulton US Shotguns mfd. by Hunter Arms Co.
Furor FN Mfd. by D'Armes des Pyrenees
Furr Arms US Orem, UT
Fury/Fury, L. A. WG Imported by L. A. Distributors; mfd. by Reck & Erma
Fyrberg, Andrew, & Co.    



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