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Tradenames and Brands of Guns and Gunsmakers

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O. D. I., Inc. US Middlepark, NJ
O. F. Mossberg & Sons US  
O. H. Iris (Orbea Hermanos) SP Model of Orbea
O. H. Oscillante SP Mfd. by Eulugio Arrostegui
O. V. (Ojanguren & Vidosa) SP  
O. W. A. AU  
Oak Leaf US Various mfrs.
Obregon SP  
O'Brien Rifle Co. US  
Oddity Arms Co. US Mfr. of knife pistols
Officer's ACP US  
Officer's Model US  
Oicet SP Mfd. by Antonio Errasti
Ojanguren & Vidosa (O. V.) SP  
Okzet GE Mfd. by August Menz
Old Reliable US Marking on Sharps-Borchardt
Old-Colony US rifles Brand name of Crescent
Olin-Kodensha Co. JA  
Olin-Mathieson Corp. US Mfd. by Winchester
Olympia Pistole SZ/GE  
Olympian BG Mfd. by Fabrique Nationale
Olympic US Brand of various mfrs.
Olympic (pistols) US Model of High Standard
Olympic (rifles) GE Model of Voere
Olympic (rifles) GE Model of Walther
OM SP Brand of Ojanguren y Marcaide
Omar IT Shotgun; old trade name of Masieri which is now Armi Atis
Omega (handguns) US  
OMC Back Up US Importer of handguns from Spain, Italy, and Germany
Omega (rifles) US Model of Firearms
Omega Defensive Inds. US  
Onandia SP  
Onena SP Development Co. Brand of Star
Opotschno - Not a brand; city in Czechoslovakia
Orava FD Mfd. by Valmet
Orbea/Orbea Brothers/Orbea Hermanos SP  
Ordinanza IT  
Ordnance Design Co. US  
Ordnance Mfg. Co. (OMC) US  
Ordnance Technology US Stetson, ME
Ordonnance BG  
Oregon Arms, Ltd. US Prospect, OR
Ormachea, Fernando SP  
Ortgies GE Pistols mfd. by Deutsche Werke and various other mfrs.
Oscilante-Azul SP  
Oscillante, B. H. SP Mfd. by Beistegui Hermanos
Oscillante, O. H. SP Mfd. by Eulogio Arrostegui
Osgood Gun Works US  
Osprey US  
Osteneichisha GE  
Oterr-Sterr -  
Otis A. Smith US  
Overland BZ Model of Amadeo Rossi & Co.
Oviedo SP Government arsenal
Owen AS Submachine guns
Oxford Arms Co. US Mfd. by Crescent
Oyez BG  

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