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Tradenames and Brands of Guns and Gunsmakers

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C. Arrizabalaga SP  
C. E. Heinzelmann GE Handguns
C. G. Bonehill US/EN Model of Belmont Firearms
C. G. Haenel GE Same as Haenel-Schmeisser
C. H. SP  
C. K. (Cactus Kid) US Model of Iver Johnson
C. S. Shattuck Arms Co. US  
C. Sharps & Co. (Sharps & Sons) US  
C. W. Franklin BG Imported by H & D Folsom Arms Co.
Cactus Kid US Model of Iver Johnson
Cadillac Gage Co. US Automatic weapons systems; mfd. for U.S. military
Cadet US Model of Iver Johnson
Cadix SP Model of Astra
Cafeld GE Mfr. of cane guns
Calico US Mfd. by American Ind.
California Arms US  
Calixto Arrizabalaga SP  
Calvert, John EN  
Calwestco, Inc. US Irwin, CA
Campeon/Campeon Patent SP Model of Hijos de C. Arrizabalaga
Campo Giro BG/SP Made by Astra
Canadian Industries, Ltd. (C. I. L.) US  
Cannon Block US Mfd. by Clerke
Cannon Breech US Brand name of Iver Johnson
Cap-Chure US Douglasville, GA; mfd. byPalmer Chemical & Equipment Co., Inc.
Capitan BG P35 Browning with tangent sight
Capitan FN  
Captain Jack US Mfd. by Hopkins & Allen
Carbojet US/WG Model of Hy Hunter
Carcano IT Italian military rifles
Caribou FD Rifle model of Tampereen Asepaja
Carl Gustav SQ See Forenade Fabrik Verken
Carl Walther WG Mfr. of pistols
Carlo Cassartelli IT Brescia, Italy; mfr. of shotguns
Carlo Riva IT  
Carolina Arms Co. US Trade name of H & D Folsom Arms Co. and Smith Wadsworth; brand name of Crescent-Davis
Cartuchos - Not a brand; Spanish for cartridges
Ca-Si SP  
Casper Arizaga SP Mfr. of shotguns
Caspian Arms, Ltd. US Hardwick, VT
Cassartelli, Carlo IT  
Castellani, Bruno IT Mfr. of shotguns
Casual Arms Corp. US Afton, WY
Catabria SP  
Cattleman IT Model of Aldo Uberti; see L. A. Distributors
Caucelegui SP Mfr. of handguns
Caver BG/SP Single-shot pistols
CBC (Cia Brazileria de Cartuchos) BZ  
CDM (Criterion Die & Machine Co.) US Mfr. of handguns
Cebra SP Model of Beistegui
Celta SP  
Centaure BG  
Centennial US Mfd. by Hood Firearms Co.
Centennial Arms US Importer
Central Arms Co. US Mfd. by Crescent
Central Kentucky Arms US  
Centurian SP Mfd. by Laurona
Century US Mfr. of revolvers
Century US Shotgun; model of Ithaca
Century Arms, Inc. US St. Albans, VT, and Boca Raton, FL; mfr./primarily importer
Century Intl. Arms, Inc. US St. Albans, VT; importer for BRNO, FEG, FAMAS, and NORINCO
Century Mfg., Inc. US Greenfield, IN
Cephyr - Brand name of Stoeger
Cesar FN/SP Unknown mfr.
Cesar, J. SP Model of Uberti
Ceska Zbrojovka CK Mfr. of Fox
Challenge US Mfd. by Bliss & Goodyear
Challenger Mfg. Co. US  
Challenger Model US Model of Colt
Chamelot Type BG Imported from Italy
Champion US Brand name of Iver Johnson
Champlin/Champlin-Hasdins US Mfr. of rifles
Champlin Firearms, Inc. US Mfr. of deluxe rifles
Chan Chan FN  
Chantecler SP/ FN  
Chapuis FN  
Charco US Formerly Charter Arms Corp.
Charles Daly WG/US/IT/JA Brand of shotgun
Charles Lancaster & Co. EN Multibarreled pistols
Charles Richter US Mfd. by Crescent
Charles Steen Armament Co. (Sarco) US Importer
Charola-Anitua BG/SP Bergmann copy
Charter Arms Corp. US  
Chatellerault FN  
Cherokee Arms Co. US Trade name of H & D Folsom Arms Co.
Chesapeake Gun Co. US Mfd. by Crescent
Chesterfield Armament US Chesterfield, VA
Cheyenne WG Brand name of American
Chicago US Import Co. and others
Chicago Arms Co. US  
Chicago Cub WG Brand name of Rohm
Chicago Derringer Corp. US  
Chicago Firearms, Inc. US Mfr. of derringers
Chicago Ledger US Mfd. by Chicago Firearms, Inc.
Chicago Long Range Wonder US Brand name of Hibbard, Spencer, & Bartlett
Chicom RC Abbreviation for Chinese Communist
Chicopee Falls - Not a brand; city in MA; see Savage and Massachusetts Arms Co.
Chief Marshal WG Mfd. by Hawes/Sauer
Chief Special US Mfd. by Smith & Wesson
Chieftan US Mfd. by Bliss & Goodyear
Chile CQ  
Chimere Reinoir FN/SP  
China (prior to 1949) CN  
China (People's Republic of China) RC  
Chiena (Taiwan, Republic of China) TW  
Chipmunk Mfg. Co. US Medford, OR
Chopitea Jose Maria SP  
Churchill, E. J., Ltd. EN  
Chylewski CK  
Cia - Not a brand; Spanish for company
Ciener, Jonathan Arthur US Mfr. of machine guns and silencers
Cimarron Arms US  
Citori JA Model of Browning Arms Co.
Clabrough & Sons -  
Clair FN  
Clamin BG Mfd. by L. J. Warnant
Claridge Hi-Tec US North Ridge, CA
Clark Leader US Brand of Hunter Arms Co.
Classic Arms US Mfr. of replicas
Claybirder SP Model of Zephyr
Clayco - See North China Inds.
Clement BG  
Clement-Garanti BG  
Clement-Neumann GE Semiautomatic carbines
Clerke/Clerke Technicorp. US  
Cleveland Arms Co. US  
Clic-Clac FN Revolver model
Coast-to-Coast Stores US  
Cobolt BG  
Cobra SP Semiautomatic pistols
Cobra US Model of Colt revolver
Cobray US Mfd. by S. W. D. Inds.; now known as Cobray Firearms
Cobray Firearms US Smyrna, GA;mfd. by S. W. D. Inds.; formerly known as Cobray
Cockerill -  
Cody Mfg. Corp. US  
Cogswell & Harrison EN  
Coliat SP  
Collath -  
Collebeato - Not a brand; city in Italy
Colombia Fuerzas Militares CB Military weapon
Colon B. H. SP Mfd. by Azpiri
Colonial SP/FN Spanish mfr. Echeverria
Colonial Gun US Model of Davenport shotgun
Colt US  
Colt Black Powder Co. US Joint operation with Henry Repeating Rifle Co., NY
Colt Sauer WG  
Colton Firearms Co. US Mfr. of shotguns for Sears, Roebuck & Co.
Coltsman US Model of Colt
Columbian US Mfd. by Crescent
Columbian Firearms Co. US Mfd. by Crescent
Commanche SP Model of Llama
Commander US Mfd. by Meiska Products Co.; not associated with Colt
Commander VARIOUS Model of Colt and others
Commando MK III US Semiautomatic carbines; see Volunteer Enterprises, Inc.
Commercial Products US  
Companhia (Cia) Brasiliera de Cartuchos BZ Mfr. of single-shot shotguns
Compeer US Model of Crescent
Competition US Brand name of John Meunier Gun Co.
Competition, Ltd. US Tucson, AZ
Competitor Corp., Inc. US Groton, MA; mfr. of the Competitor-Rotary action single-shot pistol
Component Metal Products US Atlanta, GA
Comstock Arms US Brand of Hunter Arms Co.
Condor (pistol) SP Model of Astra
Condor (shotgun) IT Made by Beschi
Connecticut Arms & Mfg. Co. US  
Connecticut Valley Arms SP/US  
Conqueror US Mfd. by Bacon Mfg. Co.
Constable SP  
Constabler BG Model of Astra
Contender US Mfd. by Thompson Center Arms Co.
Continental SP/BG/WG  
Continental Arms. Co. US  
Continental, The US Brand of Great Western Arms Corp.
Continental Weapons, Ltd. SF Midrand, South Africa; mfr. of Griffon pist
Cooey CD  
Cooksey Machine Shop US  
Coonan Arms US St. Paul, MN; mfr. of Coonan Stainless
Cooper Firearms Mfg. Co. US  
COP, Inc. US  
Corla MM Model of Zaragoza
Corrientes SP  
Corsair FN Model of Unique
Corto - Not a brand; Spanish for short
Corzo SP  
Cos GE See Merz Werke
Cotter & Co. US  
Cougar (only rifles) AU Model of Voere
Cougar Arms US Long guns
Counet BG  
Covert Arms Mfg. Co. US El Paso, TX
Cow Boy SP Unknown mfr.
Cow Boy Ranger BG Brand of Rogers & Spencer
Crac Short US Model of J. Stevens Arms Co.
Craft Product Co. US Mfr. of handguns
Craig US  
Crescent (pistols) US Mfd. by Bliss & Goodyear
Crescent Firearms Co. US  
Crescent Hardware Co. US  
Crescent-Davis Arms US  
Crest No. 1/No. 2 US Model of Davenport
Crestwood Arms -  
Criolla AT  
Criterion Die & Machine Co. (CDM) US Mfr. of handguns
Crosman Arms Co. US Mfr. of air guns
Crossfire US Brooksville, FL
Crossfire LLC US LaGrange, GA
Crown EN Model of E. J. Churchill, Ltd.
Crown City Arms US  
Crucelegui SP  
Crucero SP  
Crusader Arms Co. US  
Cruso US Mfd. by Crescent
Cub SP Model of Astra
Cumberland Arms Co. US Mfd. by Crescent
Cuno Melcher WG  
Custom Model IT Shotgun; model of Zanotti
Cutlass (Gun Kit) IT/US Brand name used by Navy Arms Co.
Czar US Guns model of Harrington & Richardson, Hood Firearms Co., and Hopkins & Allen
Czechoslovakia CK  



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