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Tradenames and Brands of Guns and Gunsmakers

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R610c GE Imported by Precise Imports Co.; mfd. by Rhoem Gesellschaft
R & R Enterprises US Jefferson, SD
R. B. Industries US Fraser, MI
R.E. (Republic Espanola)
R. F. Sedgley, Inc. US  
R. J. Braverman US Meredith, NH; mfr. of pen pistol; originally sold by American Derringer
R. M. A. C. (Rocky Mountain Arms Corp.) US Mfr. of rifles and revolvers
R. W. Amsden US  
Radium SP Mfd. by Gabilondo
Radom PO  
Ram Line, Inc. US  
Ramo, Inc. US Antioch, TN
Rampro Corporation US Wilmington, NC; mfr. of single-shot competition pistols
Ran BG  
Ranch & Silva (RTS) IT Also starter guns
Randall Mfg. Co. US California
Ranger AT .410 single-shot pistols made by Industria Argentina
Ranger FN Mfd. by Manufacture D'Armes des Pyrenees
Ranger US Mfd. by Hopkins & Allen
Ranger Arms, Inc. US Mfr. of rifles
Ranger Machine & Tool (RMT) US Mfr. of frames
Rapid Fire US Troy, OH
Rapid-Maxima FN  
Rast & Gasser AU  
Ratmil RU  
Raven Arms Co. US Mfr. of handguns
Raymond & Robitaille US  
Rayon SP  
Razno SX Shotguns
Reck WG  
Recky WG Model of Reck
Record Match Pistols GE  
Red Chieftan US Brand of Stevens; various mfrs.
Red Jacket US Mfd. by Lee Arms Co.
Red Jacket US  
Red Rider US Mfd. by Lee Arms Co.
Redhawk US Mfd. by Sturm, Ruger & Co.
Redorm US Mfd. by Lee Arms Co.
Reform/Reform Repeating Pistol GE Made by Schüle
Regal EN Brand of Churchill
Regency IT Brand of Antonio Zoli shotguns
Regent US Mfd. by F. I. Industries
Regento SP Mfd. by Bolumburu
Regina SP Mfd. by Bolumburu
Regnum GE Model of Schule, four-barrel pistols
Reid, James US  
Reilly, E. M., & Co. EN  
Reims/Reims Patent SP Mfd. by Arrizabalaga & Azanza
Reina FN Mfd. by Manufacture D'Armes des Pyrenees
Reising (H & R) US Mfr. of rifles and submachine guns
Reising Arms Co. US Mfd. by Harrington & Richardson
Reliance US Brand of John Meunier Gun Co.
Remington Arms Co., Inc. US  
Remington Arms Union US  
Remington-Rand, Inc. US Mfr. of U.S. military weapons
Remo GE  
Renard SP Mfd. by Echave y Arizmendi
Renato Menegon IT Brescia, Italy; mfr. of rifle
Renegade - shotgun combinations
Renette, Gastinne FN  
Reno SP Model of Uriguen
Replica Arms Co. US Alexandria, VA; nonshooting replicas
Replica Arms Co. US Marietta, OH
Republic SP  
Republic Arms, Inc. US Chino, CA
Republic Arms of South Africa SF Jeppestown, SA
Republic Espanola (R. E.) SP  
Retolaza/Retolaza Brothers SP  
Revelation - Various mfrs.
Revelli IT  
REV-O-NO/REV-O-NOC US Model of Crescent
Rex SP/BG Various mfrs.
Rexio S. R. L. AT  
Reynolds, Plant, & Hotchkiss EN  
RG (with numbers) US See RG Industries
RG (with numbers) WG Model of Rohm; see RG Industries
RG (without numbers) IT Mfd. by Rigarmi
RG Industries US Importer/manufacturer. Rohm revolver models RG30,RG30S, RG63, RG66, RG38T, and RG2S were manufactured in Germany and imported by RG Industries, Miami, FL, prior to the passage of the Gun Control Act of 1968. Since 1968 most are manufactured in the U.S. by RG Industries.
Rheinische Metalwaren GE  
Rheinmetall GE  
Rhode Island Arms US  
Rhoem Gesellschaft WG  
Rhoner/Rhonie GE  
Richards, W. BG Imported by H & D Folsom
Richards, Westley EN Imported by Harrington & Richardson
Richland Arms Co. SP/US Importer
Richter, Charles US Mfd. by Crescent
Rickard Arms Co. US Mfd. by Crescent
Riedl Rifle Co. US Mfr. of single-shot rifles
Rifle Factory of Ishapore II Gun marked ISHAPORI; state-owned arsenal
Rigarmi/Rigarms IT  
Rigaud AT  
Rigby, John, & Co. EN  
Rino Galesi IT Mfd. by Rigarmi
Rio SP Percussion pistols
Rival SP  
Rival US  
Riverside Arms Co. US Mfd. by Stevens
RMT (Ranger Machine & Tool) US Mfrs. of frames
RN (with fish) SZ Mfd. by Mayor
Robar Co., Inc. US Phoenix, AZ
Robar et Cie BG  
Robar et Dekerkhove FN Early mfr. of rifles
Robbins & Lawrence   US
Roberts Firearms Mfg. US Ossian, IN
Robin Hood US Mfd. by Hood Firearms Co.
Robinson Armament Company US Salt Lake City, UT
Robust FN Mfd. by Manufrance
Rochester Defense Corp. US Mfr. of military carbines
Rock Island Armory US Commercial mfr.; do not confuse with Rock Island (military) Arsenal
Rock River Arms US Cleveland, IL
Rock Island Arsenal US Mfr. of military rifles
Rock Pistol Mfg. US  
Rockola Mfg. Corp. US Mfr. of military carbines
Rocky Mountain Arms Corp. (R. M. A. C.) US Mfr. of rifles and revolvers
Roettinger, Phillip Clay MM Mfr. of rifles
Rogak, Inc. US Skokie, IL; 9 mm semiautomatic pistol
Roger -  
Roger Dacin US  
Rogers & Spencer US Civil War revolvers
Rogue Rifle Co. US rospect, OR; mfr. of "Chipmunk rifle
Rohm WG  
Roland SP Mfd. by Francisco Arizmendi
Rollin White Arms US  
Roma IT Brand of Vicenzo Bernardelli
Romak-Romarm/Cugir RU Romania; see Romarm/Cugir
Romarm/Cugir RU Romania; mfr. of AK rifles; see Romak-Romarm/Cugir
Rome Revolver & Novelty Co. US  
Romer/Romerwerk GE  
Romo WG Mfd. by Rohm
Romtehnica RU  
Roosevelt, Theodore Commemorative US/JA Mfd. by Winchester
Rosco WG Mfd. by Rohm
Rose, George E., Co. US Importer
Rosebush, Waldo US  
Ross Rifle US/CD/EN  
Rossi, Amadeo, & Co. BZ  
Roth Frommer AU  
Roth-Gasser AU  
Roth-Sauer GE  
Roth-Steyr AU/HU  
Rottweil IT Brand name used by Dynamit mfd. by Gamba
Rouby FN Nobel; Mfr. of electric shotguns
Routledge Mfg. Co. US  
Roy Weatherby US Mfr. of rifles and shotguns
Royal EN Model of Holland & Holland
Royal (Royal Novelty) SP .25 semiautomatic handgun mfd. by Beistegui Hermanos
Royal Arms Co. US Moundsville, WV; mfd. by Hunter Arms Co.
Royal Dog SP Model of Zulaica y Cia
Royal Game Gun EN Shotgun; model of Holland & Holland
Royal Gun Co. US  
Royal McBee Typewriter Corp. US  
Royal Service US Various mfrs.
Royal Small Arms EN  
RPB Industries US  
RTS (Ranch & Silva) IT Also starter guns
Rubi AT  
Ruby SP/MM Model of Gabilondo
Ruby Arms Co. SP  
Ruger US  
Rummel (A. J. Rummel Arms Co.) US Mfd. by Crescent
Ruppertus Pat. Pistol Mfg. Co. US  
Rural SP  
Russia SX  
Russo-Chinois SP  
RWS GE Mfr. of ammunition
RWS/Diana US Mfr. of airguns
Ryan, E., Pistol Mfg. Co. US  
Ryan, Thomas, Jr., Mfg. Co. US  
Ryder US Model of Remington Arms Co., Inc.
Ryder US Model of Stevens

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