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Tradenames and Brands of Guns and Gunsmakers

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H & A (Hopkins & Allen) US  
H & D (Henrion & Dassy) BG  
H & D Folsom Arms Co. US  
H & H Enterprises US Redwood City, CA
H & N Minicraft US Covina, CA
H & R (Harrington & Richardson) US Gardner, MA; now known as H & R 1871, Inc.
H & R 1871, Inc. US Gardner, MA; formerly known as H & R
H. D. Military US Model of High Standard
H. F. Grieder US Importer
H. J. Inds. US Brownsville, TX
H. J. S. Inds. US Brownsville, TX
H. Koon, Inc. US Mfr. of Snake Charmer shotgun model
H. M. Gering GE  
H. M. Kolb US Mfr. of revolvers
H. M. Quackenbush US  
H. O. Peabody US Mfr. of Civil War rifles
H. S. Precision, Inc. US Rapid City, SD
Habicht SP Shotguns
Hackett Special US Brand of Hunter Arms
Haenel, C. G. GE Same as Haenel-Schmeisser
Haenel-Schmeisser GE  
Haerens Tojhus DK Military weapons
Hafdasa AT Mfd. by Fabrica de Automoviles Hispano Argentina
Halfbreed US Mfd. by Forehand & Wadsworth
Halfbreed US Brand of Hopkins & Allen
Hall, J. H./Hall-North US Civil War rifles
Hamada JA Japanese military arsenal
Hamal EN  
Hamilton SQ  
Hamilton US Model of Whamo
Hamilton Rifle Co. US Mfr. of rifles
Hämmerli SZ  
Hämmerli SZ Mfd. by S. I. G.
Hämmerli-Walther SZ Model of Carl Walther
Hammond Automatic US  
Hammond, Grant, Corp. US Handguns
Hand Ejector BG Model of Neumann Freres
Hand Ejector US Model of Smith & Wesson
Handi-Gun IT Mfd. by Serna
Handy-Gun US Model of Harrington & Richardson
Handy/Handy Auto Pistol/Handy Model 1917 SP  
Hanover Arms BG Mfr. of shotguns
Hans V. Lidl AU  
Hanscomb Hardware Co. US  
Hansson, Elof SP  
Hard Pan US Mfd. by Hopkins & Allen
Hard Pan US Mfd. by Hood Firearms Co.
Hardballer (AMT) US Mfd. by AMT
Harold Sunngard NW  
Harrich AU Mfr. by Sodia
Harrington & Richardson US  
Harris Gunworks US Phoenix, AZ; mfr. of bolt-action rifles
Harris McMillan Gunworks, Inc. US Phoenix, AZ; mfr. of custom bolt-action rifles
Harrison, Frank, Arms Co. BG Various mfrs.
Harry Lawson Co. US  
Hartford Arms Co. US Various mfrs.
Hartley, Spalckaver, & Fay US Brand of Hunter Arms Co.
Hartman SZ  
Harvard US Mfd. by Crescent
Haskell US Lima, OH
Hauptli GE  
Haut Rhin FN Walther-type pistols
Hawes WG Importer
Hawk Engineering, Inc. US Northfield, IL
Hawk Inds. CN  
Hawken US Early rifle mfr.
Hawken/Hawken Seneca US Model of Thompson Center Arms Co.
Hawthorne (Montgomery Ward) US Brand sold by Montgomery Ward
Healthways US Brand name of Iver Johnson
Heckler & Koch    
Hecla WG  
Hege HU Mfd. by Feg Union
Hege Waffen WG  
Heim GE Brand of C. E. Heinzelmann
Heinemann BG  
Heinzelmann, C. E. GE Handguns
Helfricht, K. GE Brand of A. Krausser
Helicodog FN Model of shotguns
Helkra GE Brand of A. Krausser
Hellenic Arms Ind. GC Athens, Greece
Helwan EY Mfd. by Maadi
Hemburg NE Military weapons
He-Mo GE  
Hendrick Sales & Engineering Co. US Importer
Henri Dumoulin BG Mfr. of rifles and shotguns
Henrion & Dassy (H & D) BG  
Henry Aiken EN  
Henry Deringer Sr. & Jr. US Early mfr. of pistols and rifles
Henry Gun Co. US/BG Imported by Crescent
Henry, J. J., & Son US Mfr. of Civil War muskets
Henry Repeating Rifle Co. US NY; mfr. of reproductions of Colt firearms as joint operation with Cold Black Powder Co.
Hepburn/Hepburn's Patent US Single-shot rifles made by Remington Arms Co.
Herbert Schmidt WG Mfr. of handguns
Hercules US Various mfrs.
Heritage Arms US Dallas, TX
Heritage Manufacturing, Inc. US Opa-Locka, FL; bought out Quality Firearms, Inc.
Herman GE/BG  
Herman Weihrauch GE Mfr. of Arminius
Hermanos - Not a brand; Spanish word for brothers
Hermetic FN  
Hermitage (Arms or Gun Co.) US Various mfrs.
Herold GE Mfd. by Jager
Herstal - Not a brand; city in Belgium
Herter's, Inc. (VARIOUS) U.S. importer/manufacturer
Hesse, Ltd. US Invergrove, MN
Heym WG Mfr. of rifles and revolvers
Hiawatha US Mfd. by Savage
Hibbard (model W-H) US Mfd. by Harrington &
Hibbard, Spencer, & Bartlett US  
HIB-SPE-BAR US Richardson; Trademark of Hibbard, Spencer, & Bartlett
Higgins, J. C. FN/US/SP In some cases, numbers appearing on barrel(s) of Higgins weapons are production numbers, not serial numbers.
High (Hy) Hunter JA/IT/WG/SP U.S. importer
High Sierra US Model of High Standard
High (Hi) Standard US  
Highway Patrolman US Model of Smith & Wesson
Hijo (automatic) IT Model of Rigarmi
Hijo Militar IT Model of Rigarmi
Hijos - Not a brand; Spanish word for sons
Hijos de A. Echeverria SP Mfr. of Vesta
Hijos de C. Arrizabalaga SP  
Hijos de Jorge Bascaran SP Mfr. of Marke and Martigry
Hi-Point US Mansfield, OH
Hi-Point Firearms US Mansfield, OH
Hispano Argentina AT  
HK/HK-4 WG Model of Heckler & Koch
Hoban Mfg. Co. -  
Holland & Holland EN  
Holland Firearms Co. US/SP Importer of shotguns
Hollenbeck US  
Hollis & Sons EN Mfr. of rifles and shotguns
Holmes US Mfr. of MP-83 and MP-22
Holston Enterprises US Piney Flats, TN
Holt, Sam US  
Hombre US Mfd. by F. I. E.
Hombre US Model of High Standard
Hood Firearms Co. US  
Hood, Robin US Mfd. by Hood Firearms Co.
Hope (pistol of barrel) SP Mfd. by Star
Hopkins & Allen (H & A) US  
Hoppes US Replicas of antiques
Hornet US  
Horse Destroyer SP Mfd. by Isidro Gazanaga
Horsely EN  
Hotchkiss EN Machine gun
Hourat et Vie FN  
Howa/Howa, Ltd. JA  
Howard Arms Co. US Mfd. by Crescent
HS WG Herbert Schmidt not High Standard
Hubenbeckler GE Mfr. of derringers
Hubertus EM  
Hudson US Brand of Hunter Arms Co.
Hugo Borchardt GE  
Hummer BG Imported by H & D Folsom Arms Co.
Hunter FN Shotgun; model of Darne
Hunter Arms Co. US  
Hunter Special US Shotgun; model of Hunter Arms Co.
Huntsman (automatic) US Model of Colt
Husky GE Model of Krico
Husky SQ Model of Husqvarna
Husqvarna SQ  
HV (auto pistol) FN  
HVA SQ May appear on guns mfd. by Husqvarna
Hy Hunter JA/IT/WG/SP U.S. importer
Hy Power US Mfd. by Crescent
Hy Score US  
Hyde US  
Hyper-Single US  





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