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Tradenames and Brands of Guns and Gunsmakers

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Z M Weapons US Bernardston, MA
W. A. C. FN Mfd. by Manufacture Automatiques de Bayonne
W. A. C. VARIOUS Initials used by Warner Arms Corp., Western Arms Co., and
Winfield Arms Co.    
W. H. Davenport Firearms Co. US Mfr. of shotguns and rifles
W. Korth Waffenfabrik GE  
W. L. Grant US Mfd. by Lower
W. Richards BG Importer of H & D Folsom
W. W. Greener, Ltd. EN  
Wac Derringer -  
Wac Falke 43 -  
Wac Win Srl -  
Waffen Franconia GE  
Waffenfabrik, Bohnmische CK  
Waffenfabrik Kommer GE  
Waffenfabrik Walther GE  
Waffenfabrik-Stenda Werke GE  
Walam HU Mfd. by Fegyver Es Gepgyar
Walch Firearms Co. US  
Waldman SP Mfd. by Francisco Arizmendi
Waldo Rosebush US  
Walker -  
Wall, Albin GE Mfr. of Stern
Walman SP Mfd. by Francisco Arizmendi
Walther, Carl WG Mfr. of pistols
Walther Selbstlade Pistole GE Walther Self-Loading Pistol
Wamo Mfg. Co. US  
Ward Burton US Mfr. of Civil War rifles
ard, Montgomery "Western Field Brand US Various mfrs.
Warnant, L. J. BG  
Warner Arms Corp. US Mfd. by Hunter Arms
Warner, James US Mfr. of Civil War carbines
Warner-Counet BG  
Warren Arms Corp. BG Imported by H & D Folsom Arms Co.
Warrior Pistols US Imported by Laszlo
Warszawa - Not a brand; city in Poland
Wautauga US  
Weatherby, Inc. US Mfr. of rifles and shotguns
Weatherby, Roy US Mfr. of rifles and shotguns
Weaver Arms US  
Webber, G. S. US  
Webley EN Mfd. by Webley & Scott; British military revolver
Webley & Scott EN  
Webley-Fosbery EN Automatic revolvers
Wedmer SZ  
Wegria-Charlier BG  
Weher SZ  
Weihrauch, Herman GE Mfr. of Arminius and other handguns
Weiner Waffenfabrik AU  
Werder Lightning AU  
Werndl AU  
Wesco Ordnance, Div. of B-C Enterprises US Mfr. of MK IV carbines
Wesson & Harrington US  
Wesson & Leavitt US Mfr. of Civil War revolvers
Wesson Arms US See Wesson Firearms Co., Inc.
Wesson, Dan B., Arms US Out of business; now known as Wesson Firearms Co. Inc.
Wesson Firearms Co., Inc. US Palmer, MA; formerly known as Dan B. Wesson
Wesson, Frank US  
Wesson, Stevens, & Miller US  
West Point US Mfd. by Cotter & Co.
Western Arms Corp. US  
Western Auto US See Revelation
Western Duo IT Mfd. by Fiat
Western Field US Mfd. by Iver Johnson
Western Field (Montgomery Ward) US  
Western Field or Westfield US Brand of Savage Arms Corp.
Western Long Range US Brand of Ithaca
Western Marshal GE Mfd. by Sauer and various other mfrs.
Western Special US Brand of Hunter Arms Co.
Western Valley Arms US  
Westfield or Western Field US Brand of Savage Arms Corp.
Westley Richards EN Imported by Harrington & Richardson
Whamo US Mfr. of BB and pellet guns
Whippet US Various mfrs.
White Powder Wonder US Brand of Stevens
Whitney, E. US Early mfr. of rifles
Whitney Firearms Co. US Mfr. of .22 pistols
Whitneyville Armory US  
Whitworth Rifle Co. US  
Wichester US .22 fully-automatic machine gun
Wichita Classic US Bolt-action rifle
Wickliffe 76 US  
Wide Awake US Mfd. by Hood Firearms Co.
Wien Schulhof FN  
Wiener Waffenfabrik AU  
Wildboar FD Model of Tampereen Asepaja
Wildey Firearms Co. US Winston, NJ
Wildflower IT Shotgun; model of Franchi
Wilkar Products, Inc. US  
Wilkinson & Sons EN Also see Webley
Wilkinson Arms Co. BG Mfd. by Crescent
Wilkinson Arms Co. US Mfr. of handguns
William Glaze & Co. US  
William Jenks US Mfr. of Civil War rifles
William M. Marston US Mfr. of Civil War carbines
William Moore & Co. EN/BG Imported by H & D Folsom
William Parkhurst BG  
William Tranter EN  
Williams, Ted US Sold by Sears, Roebuck & Co.;
Wilmont Arms Co. BG Imported by H & D Folsom Arms Co.
Wilshire Arms Co. US  
Wilson Combat US Berryville, AR
Wilson-Fidel US/BG/GE Model of Union Firearms Co.
Wilson-Weld US/BG/GE Model of Union Firearms Co.
Wiltshire Arms Co. BG Imported by H & D Folsom
Winch - Arms Co.
Winchester US/JA  
Winco Arms Co. US  
Windicator US Hialeah, FL; .38 revolver; mfd. by European American Armory Corp.
Winfield FN Pistols
Winfield Arms Co. US Shotguns; mfd. by Crescent
Winfield Arms Co. VARIOUS Imported
Wingmaster US Mfd. by Remington Arms
Wingo US Made by Winchester
Winkler-Ferlack GE Mfd. in Germany
Winoca Arms Co. US Made by Crescent
Winslow Arms Co. US Long guns
Wischo (K. G. Wilsker & Co.) US Importer
Witte's IXL US  
Woerther, E. AT  
Woerther, Fabrica E. AT  
Wolf EM  
Wolverine US Model of Whitney Firearms Co.
Wolverine Arms Co. US Mfd. by Crescent
Woodlander II SP Mfd. by Zephyr
Woodmaster US Mfd. by Remington Arms Co, Inc.
Woodsman US Serial number is followed by letter S
Woodsman US Model of Iver Johnson
Woodward, James, & Sons EN  
World Arms Corp. GE Falke World Arms; derringer with serial number prefix W
Worthington Arms Co. US Mfd. by Crescent and various other mfrs.
Wurfflein US/GE Mfr. of rifles
Wyoming Arms US  

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