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Tradenames and Brands of Guns and Gunsmakers

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B. A. Co. US Bacon Arms Co.
B & H Small Arms US Mfr. of handguns and rifles
B. C. Automatic US  
B. F. Arms Manufacturer US  
B. F. Joslyn SP Mfr. of Civil War rifles
B. H. SP  
B. M. & S. Special US Brand name of L. C. Smith Gun Co
B. S. F. GE  
B. West Imports, Inc. US Tucson, AZ; mfr. of AK-type receiver
Baby BG/SP Various mfrs.
Baby HU Model of Frommer
Baby Browning BG  
Baby Dragoon US/SP Various mfrs. including Colt in early 1800s
Baby Hammerless US/BG Model of Sedgley or various other mfrs.
Bacon (Mfg. or Arms Co.) US  
Badminton EN Model name of Holland &
Baford Arms US olland Bristol, TN; mfr. "Thunder, a multi-caliber derringer
Bahia SP Two-barrel pistols
Baikal SX Mfr. of shotguns
Bailey, Thomas US  
Baker US Brand name of L. C. Smith Gun
Baker Gun Co. US/BG Co. Imported or mfd. byCrescent
Baldwin Co. US Mfr. of shotguns
Ball & Williams US Mfd. by C. H. Ballard
Ballard (rifle) US Model of Marlin Firearms Co.
Ballard & Fairbanks US  
Ballard Arms US Lynndyl, UT; .50-caliber rifle
Ballard, C. H. US Mfr. of Civil War rifles
Ballard Rifle & Cartridge, LLC US Cody, WY
Ballester-Molina AT Mfd. by Hafdasa
Ballester-Riguad AT  
Baltimore Arms Co. US  
Bang Up AT US Trade name of Graham & Haines Co.
Bantam IT Model mfd. by Beretta
BAR (Browning auto rifle) US/GE/BG Various mfrs.; military-issue
Barett Firearms Mfg. US weapons Murfreesboro, TN; mfr. of 50-caliber rifles
Barker, T. US/BG Sold by Crescent, H & D Folsom Arms Co., and Iver Johnson
Baroness US Mfd. by Butler Associates, Inc.
Barrenechea & Gallestegue SP Auto Pistols
Bar-Sto Precision US Twentynine Palms, CA
Bascaran, Martin A. SP  
Basculant SP/BG  
Basque SP Model of Echasa
Batavia/Batavia Leader US Model of Crescent or Baker
Bauer Firearms Corp. US Mfr. of pistols
Bauer, Karl GE Distributor
Bauska Arms CK Mfd. in Czechoslovakia; imported to the U.S.
Bay State US Model of Harrington & Richardson
Bayard DK Mfd. by Haerens Tojhus
Bayard/Bayard Bergmann BG Mfd. by Anciens Establishments Pieper
Bayerische Sportwaffenfabrik GE  
Bayonne GE Not a brand; city in France
BDM (pistol) -  
Bearcat US Model of Sturm, Ruger & Co.
Beaumont-Vitali NE  
Becker GE Mfr. of shotguns
Becker & Hollander GE  
Beebe Arms Co. US Brand of Marlin or Remington
Beeman US Mfr. of airguns
Beesley EN  
Beholla GE Brand of Becker & Hollander
Behorden GE Model of J. P. Sauer & Sons
Beistegui SP  
Beistegui-Hermanos SP Spanish for Beistegui Brothers
Belategui, Juan Antonio SP  
Belgian Browning BG  
Belgique/Belgium BG  
Belknap Hardware US  
Belleri, Luigi IT  
Bellmore Gun Co. US Brand of Crescent
Bellmore-Johnson Tool Co. US  
Belmont Firearms EN Mfr. of shotguns
Ben Franklin US  
Benelli S. P. A. IT  
Benemerita SP Brand of Retolaza/Retolaza Brothers
Benet Arms US Importer
Benetti, Andrea IT  
Benjamin US Mfr. of air guns
Benjamin Franklin US  
Berasaluze Areitio Aurtena SP Mfr. of pistols
Berben Corp. US Importer of Beretta
Berdan SX/US Early arms mfr.
Berent Steel Co. US/IT/WG Importer
Berestian & Cia SP  
Beretta (Industria S. A.) BZ  
Beretta (P. or Pietro) IT  
Beretta USA Corp. US Formerly F. I. Inds.
Bergereon FN  
Bergmann, Theodor GE/BG  
Bergmann-Schmeisser WG  
Berkshire US  
Berlin Suhler Waffen GE  
Bernardelli, Vicenzo IT  
Bernardon-Martin FN  
Bernedo SP  
Berns Wholesale US Importer/distributor
Bersa/Bersa Piccola AT Mfd. by Industria Argentina
Besa EN Mfd. by BSA; copy of two barrel .37 machine gun
Beschi, Mario IT Mfr. of shotguns
Best, The US Mfd. by F. I. E.
Bes-Tof-Al - Brand of shotgun
Big Bear Arms US Importer
Big D WG Brand name of Rhoem Gesellschaft
BII Sales US  
Bijou BG  
Bingham, Squire's PI Mfd. by Squibman
Bird Hunter FR Model of Darne shotguns
Birmingham Gun Depot US Brand name of L. C. Smith Gun Co. shotguns
Birmingham Small Arms (BSA) EN  
Bisley US Model of Colt
Bison WG Brand of Herbert Schmidt
Bittner, Gustav AU  
Bjorgum NW  
Black Forest AU Model of Voere rifles
Black Prince US Brand name of Bridge Gun Co.
Blackhawk US Model of St urm, Ruger & Co.
Bland, Thomas, & Sons EN  
Blaser Jagdwaffen GmbH GE Isny/Allgau, Germany
Bliss & Goodyear US  
Blue Hen US Brand name of Jellico Hardware
Blue Jacket US Mfd. by Hopkins & Allen
Blue Mallard IT Model of Masieri
Blue Ridge Precision Gunworks US Fort Hill, SC
Blumenfeld Imports Co. US Importer
Blunt & Syms US  
BM SX Mfr. of shotguns
Bock FN Double-barrel pistols
Bodyguard US Model of Smith & Wesson
Bodyguard WG Mfd. by Gerstenberger & Eberwein
Bohica BA Loveland, CO; mfr. of AR-15 rifles
Bohnmische Waffenfabrik CK  
Boito BZ Shotguns and single-shot pistols
Bojho YG Yugoslavian Army marks on Browning 1922
Boltun SP  
Bolumburu, Gregorio SP  
Bonanza US Bacon Mfg. Co.
Bond Arms US Granbury, TX; mfr. of Remington-type over/under derringer
Bonehill, C. G. EN Model of Belmont Firearms
Bonifacio Echeverria SP See Star
Boniotti, Angelo & Emelis IT  
Bonnell Firearm Co. US  
Boone, Daniel US Several mfrs.; distributed by Belknap Hardware
Borchardt, Hugo GE  
Borchers SP  
Bordens Accuracy Shop US Springville, PA; Benchrest rifles
Borealis (Brigadier w/stock) CD Model of North American Arms
Boss & Co. EN  
Bost SP  
Boston Bull Dog US  
Bostwick Braun GE Shotguns; mfd. byUnion Arms Co.
Bowers Industries US Mfr. of Defender carbines
Bozard & Co. EN Mfr. of shotguns
Brandon SP  
Braverman, R. J. -  
Brazier EN  
Brazil BZ  
Breda IT Pistols
Bren CD/EN Submachine gun
Brescia - Not a make; city in Italy
Brescia Armas IT  
Brevet/Brevetto - Not a brand; word meaning patent
Brevettate Industria Armi IT Shotguns
Brevez-AW - .410-gauge single-shot shotgun
Bridge Gun Co. US Mfd. by Shapleigh Hardware
Bridge Tool & Die Mfg. Co. US  
Bridgeport Arms Co. US Brand name of Hunter Arms Co.
Brigadier CD Mfd. by North American Arms
Brigadier (951) IT Model of Beretta
Bright Arms Co./Bright & Co. US Brand name of Hunter Arms Co.
Briley Mfg. Inc. US Houston, TX
Bristol SP Model of Bolumburu
Bristol Firearms Co. US  
Britain (or England) EN  
Britarms of England EN Imported by Action Arms, Ltd.
Britch EN Model of Lee Enfield
British Enfield - Military surplus
Brixia (military model) IT Italian copy of Walther
Brno Zbrojovka CK  
Broadhead Armory US Wyandotte, MI
Brolin Arms - Name appearing on slides of pistols. Serial numbers with JPE prefix are manufactured by J's Pacific Enterprise in Pomona, CA.
Broncho SP Mfd. by Echasa
Bronco US Mfd. by F. I. Inds.
Brooklyn Arms Co. US  
Browerduit SP  
Brown Bess (Grice) EN Musket; imported by Dixie Gun Works
Brown Bess (Tower) JA Replica
Brown Mfg. Co. US  
Brown Mfg., E. A. US Alexandria, MN; Silhouette pistols
Brownie (pistol) US Model of Mossberg
Brownie (rifle) US Model of Davenport
Browning Arms Co. US/JA/BG  
Bruno Alberti IT See Falco
Bruno Bolognini IT Gardone, Italy
Bruno Castellani IT Mfr. of shotguns
Brunswig SP Mfd. by Astra
Brutus US Mfd. by Hood Firearms Co.
Bryco Arms    
BS or B/S US  
BSA (Birmingham Small Arms) EN  
BSW Selbstlader GE Mfd. by Berlin Suhler Waffen
Buchel SZ  
Buckeye Gun Co. US Mfr. of shotguns
Buckhorn Cattleman IT Model of Aldo Uberti; see L. A. Distributors, Iver Johnson, or EMF Co.
Buckskin IT Shotgun; model of Franchi
Buddie Arms Co. US  
Budischowsky TP-70 US Model of Noramco
Buffalo SP Mfd. by Berestian & Cia
Buffalo SP Mfd. by Gabilondo
Buffalo Arms Corp. US  
Buffalo Arms Corp. US Tonawanda, NY
Buffalo Frontier WG Brand of Herbert Schmidt
Buffalo Scout IT fd. by Francisco Tanfolglio; inscribed "Made in Italy
Buffalo Scout US Mfd. by F. I. E.
Buffalo Scout US/IT Imported by Excam
Buffalo Scout WG Brand of Herbert Schmidt
Buhag EM  
Bul Transmark, Ltd. IS Tel Aviv, Israel
Bulldog US/EN/BG Various mfrs.
Bulldozer US Model of Connecticut Arms & Mfg. Co.
Bullfighter BG  
Bullseye Mfg. Co. US Mfd. by Forehand & Wadsworth
Bulwark SP Model of Beistegui
Buntline Scout US Model of Colt
Burgess US  
Burgham FN  
Burgo/Burgsmueller, Karl WG Importer/distributor
Burnsides US Mfr. of Civil War carbines
Buscher Strotmodell GE  
Bushmaster US Mfd. by Gwinn Firearms
Bussu SP  
Butler Associates, Inc. US  
Butterfield, Jesse S. US  


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