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Tradenames and Brands of Guns and Gunsmakers - 3450 names

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Abbreviazioni - Abbreviations

  AS Australia JA Japan
  AT Argentina KC Croatia
  AU Austria KO South Korea
  BG Belgium KR Korea
  BU Bulgaria MF (Manufrance)
  BZ Brazil MM Mexico
  CB Columbia NE Holland
  CD Canada NW Norway
  CK Czchoslovakia PI Philippines
  CN Cina PO Poland
  CQ Chile PT Portugal
  CZ Czchoslovakia RC Republik of China
  DK Denmark RU Romania Rep.
  EM German Democratic Rep. SF South Africa
  EN England SP Spain
  EY Egypt SQ Sweden
  FD Finland SX Russia
  FN France SZ Switzerland
  GC Greece TW Taiwan
  GE Germany TY Turkey
  HU Hungary US USA
  II India WG West Germany
  IS Israel YG Yugoslavia
  IT Italy    



4 Aces US Mfd. by Esfac, Inc.
A & F (Abercrombie & Fitch) IT/WG Importer
A. B. Distributors US Mfr. of revolvers and pistols
A. Fagnus BG  
A. Gilon FN Mfr. of Velo-Dog revolvers
A. H. Fox (Sterlingworth) US Double-barrel shotguns
A. J. Aubrey US Mfd. for Sears, Roebuck & Co.
A. J. Rummel Arms Co. (Rummel) US Mfd. by Crescent
A. Joseph Defourny BG Not Iver Johnson
A. Krausser GE  
A. R. Sales Co. US Mfr. of .45 pistol frames
A. Stroeger - Not to be confused with Stoeger Arms
A. T. I. S. (Armi Atis) IT Mfr. of shotguns
A. W. Schwarzlose AU  
A. Zoli/Antonio Zoli IT Mfr. of shotguns; not to be confused with Angelo Zoli
AA Arms Corp. US Model Hill, NC
AA Modelo 1916 SP Model of Arrizabalaga & Azanza
AAA/AAA Model 1919 SP Trademark of Aldazabal
AARCO US Arlington, WA; trade name for Arnold Arms Co., Inc.
Abadie PT Importer
Abercrombie & Fitch (A & F) IT/WG  
Abesser & Merel GE  
Abiline Centennial US Mfd. by Harrington & Richardson
Abiline Marshal WG Mfd. by J. P. Sauer & Sons
ABN Industrial US Buena Park, CA; see ENA; mfr. of rifle receivers/pistol frames for Enterprise Arms
Accu-Match Intl. US Mesa, AZ
Accuracy Intl., Ltd. US Hampshire, England; mfr. of rifles
Accu-Tek US Chino, CA
Ace US Model of Colt
Acha/Acha Hermanos SP  
Acier Comprime SP  
Ackley, P. O. US Mfr. of rifles; importer
Acme US Brand of Davenport
Acme Arms Co. US Subsidiary of Stevens
Action/Action 1920 Model SP Mfd. by Modesto Santos
Action Arms, Ltd. EN Importer for Britarms of England
Adams EN  
Adler/Adlerwaffenwerke WG  
Advanced Armaments, Inc. US  
Advanced Small Arms Inds. SZ Solothurn, Switzerland
Advantage -  
Advantage Arms US St. Paul, MN
Aetna Arms Co. US  
AG IT See Galesi, Armi
Agawam Arms US  
Agent US  
Agner DK See Saxhoj Product
Agramonte, Ed US Importer
Agristin-Farar-Espana SP  
Aguirre, Pedro Arosa SP Mfr. of shotguns
Aguirre y Aranzabal SP  
Aguirre y Cia SP  
Aguro SP  
Aiken, Henry EN  
AIMCO US Houston, TX; see ARMAS International Manufacturing Co.
Aircraft Armaments Corp. US Mfd. for USAF
Aircrewman US  
Ajax US Mfd. by Crescent
Ajax Army US Mfd. by E. C. Meacham Arms Co.
Akah GE Distributed and imported by Albrecht Kind
Akkar Silah Sanayi TIC, Ltd. TY Izmir, Turkey; trade name Hatsan
Aktiengesellschaft CK  
AKM EY Model of Maadi
Alamo US/SP/WG Also brand name of Stoeger on Rohm revolver and Alamo Leather Co. on High Standard revolver
Alaska US Brand name of Hood Firearms Co.
Albin Wall GE  
Albion EN Mfd. by Enfield
Albrecht Kind GE Distributor/importer
Aldazabal SP  
Aldens (Chieftain) US Mfd. by Savage
Aldo Uberti IT Mfr. of revolvers
Alert US Brand name of Hood Firearms
Alex US Co. Brand of Hopkins & Allen
Alex Martin, Ltd. EN Distributor/importer
Alexander James Ordnance US  
Alexander Stocking & Co. US  
Alexia US Mfr. of revolvers
Alexis US Brand name of Hood Firearms
Alfa BG/SP/GE Co. Trademark of Adolf Frank Co.
Alfaro BG/SP/GE Trademark of Alfa
Alkar/Alkartasuna SP Brand names of Alkartasuan Fabrica de Armas
Alkartasuan Fabrica de Armas SP  
All-American 2000 US  
Allen IT  
Allen US  
Allen American IT Imported shotguns
Allen & Thurber US Mfd. by Hopkins & Allen
Allen & Wheelock US  
Allen, Ethan, & Co. US  
Allied Arms US  
Allies SP  
Alonzo D. Perry US  
Alpine EN Mfd. by Firearms Co., Ltd.
Alpine Industries US Los Angeles, CA; mfr. of commercial M-1 carbines
Amadeo Rossi & Co. BZ  
Amantino, E. R. BZ Previously Boito; guns now marked ERA
Amelung BG Model of L. J. Warnant
America US Brand name of Bliss &
America S. A. DR  
American Arms US Goodyear North Kansas City, MO
American Arms & Ammo US  
American Arms Co US  
American Arms/Delta US Sparks, NV
American Arms, Inc. US Garden Grove, CA
American Arms Intl. US Salt Lake City, UT
American Barlock Wonder US Mfd. by Crescent for Sears, Roebuck & Co
American Boy US Brand name of Townley Metal Co.
American Browning US  
American Bulldog US Brand of Iver Johnson
American Club US Mfr. of shotguns
American Craftsmen US  
American D. A. US Model of Harrington & Richardson
American Derringer Co. US Waco, TX
American Derringer Corp. US Distributed by Early & Modern
American Eagle US Firearms Brand name of Noble
American Firearms Corp. US  
American Firearms Mfg. Co. US .38 single-shot derringer and stainless .25 automatic
American Frontier Firearms US Aguanga, CA
American Gun Co. US Brand of Crescent
American Import Co. (Taico) WG/IT/PI Importer
American Industries, Inc. US Mfr. of Calico
American S & W SP Not Smith & Wesson!
American Spirit Arms Corp. US Phoenix, AZ
American Standard Tool Co. US Mfr. of revolvers
American Steam Works US  
American, The US  
American Weapons Corp. US Importer
Amerigo Cosmi IT  
Amero Especialistas Reunidas SP  
Ames, N. P. US  
Amr Model IT Model of Bernardelli
Amsden, R. W. US  
AMT (Arcadia Machine & Tool) US Mfr. of frames and stainless pistols
Amtec 2000 US Gardner, MA; mfr. of revolvers
Amuategui, Martin SP  
Anaconda US    
Anciens Establishments Pieper BG  
Ancion-Marx BG Mfr. of Extracteur
Andrea Benetti IT  
Andrew Fyrberg & Co. US Early mfr.
Andrus & Osborn US  
Angelo & Emelis Boniotti IT  
Angelo Zoli IT Not to be confused with Antonio Zoli
Anschutz WG  
Anschutz/Savage/Anschutz WG Rifles imported by Savage
Anson & Deeley EN Mfr. of shotguns
Antonio Aspiri SP Mfr. of pistols; see Colon B. H.
Antonio Errasti SP  
Antonio Zoli IT Mfr. of shotguns
Apache SP Made by Ojanguren & Vidosa
Apache US Mfr. of .45 carbines
Apaolozo/Apaolozo Hermanos SP  
Apex EN Model of Holland & Holland
Apollo WG/AU See Voere
AR-7 Industries US Meriden, CT; mfr. of AR-7 rifle
Aramberri, Victor, & Sons SP  
Aramberry Hermanos SP  
Arana y Cie SP Mfr. of revolvers
Arcadia Machine & Tool (AMT) US  
Arcoa US See Arms Corp. of America
Arcus Co. BU Mfr. of 9 mm semiautomatic pistols (Arcus 94)
Areito-Auriena SP  
Ares Defense Systems US Blacksburg, VA
Argentina AT  
Argler -  
Arisaka JA  
Aristocrat US Brand name of Supple-Biddle Hdw. or model of Stevens
Aristocrat WG Rifle model of Mauser
Arizaga, Casper SP Mfr. of shotguns
Arizaga, Eusebio SP  
Arizaga, Gaspar SP Mfr. of shotguns
Arizmendi, Francisco SP  
Arizmendi, Norberto SP  
Arizmendi y Goenaga SP  
Arizmendi y Zulaica SP  
Arkawa Kogyo K. K. JA Mfr. of rifles
Arlington Ordnance US Weston, CT; importer - reimports surplus U.S. military weapons shipped overseas (M1 Garands, M1 Carbines, etc.)
Armaf S. A. BG  
Armalite US  
Armalite AR-7 US Mfd. by Charter Arms Corp./Survival Arms
Armalite AR-15U S Mfd. by Colt
Armalite AR-180 JA Mfd. by Howa
Armalite AR-180 EN Mfd. by Sterling
Armament Technology Corp. US  
Armand Gavage BG  
Armand Mieg -  
Armas -  
ARMAS US Houston, TX; also see AIMCO
Armas Bost SP  
Armas Erbi SP  
Armas Gib-Maximo SP  
Armas Marixa SP Mfr. of shotguns
Armee (pistol) GE Model of Walther
Armee Model AU Mfd. by Roth-Gasser
Armera SP  
Armeria El Cazador UY  
Armeria El Ciervo UY  
Armi Atis S. R. L. IT  
Armi Fabri IT Mfr. of shotguns
Armi Galesi IT Not to be confused with Rigarmi Mfr. of pistols;
Armi Giuseppe Tanfolglio IT same company as Fratelli Tanfolglio
Armi Jaeger/Armi Jager IT Imported by Navy Arms Corp.
Armi Sabatti IT Mfr. of shotguns
Armi San Marco IT Replicas of antiques
Armi San Paolo IT  
Armi Tecniche di Emilio Rizzini IT Brescia, Italy
Armigas-Comega IT  
Arminex US Scottsdale, AZ
Arminius WG Not a make; brand mfd. by Herman Weihrauch, F. I. E. and others
Armitage Intl. US Seneca, SC; mfr. of 9 mm Scorpion and Scarab pistols
Armory Gun Co. US Mfr. of shotguns
Armotecnica IT Mfr. of shotguns
Arms Co. US Same as Arms Corp. of America
Arms Corp. of America US Milan, IL; mfr. of pistols
Arms Corp. of America US Baltimore, MD
Arms Technology US  
Armsco US Same as Arms Corp. of America
ARMSCO US Nashville, TN
Armscor SF  
Armscor Precision US Importer
Armsport IT Importer
Army (U.S.) US Military-issue weapons
Arnold Arms Co., Inc. US Arlington, WA; trade name AARCO
Arosa Aguirre, Pedro SP Mfr. of shotguns
Arquebusier SZ Model of Mayor
Arrieta & Azcoaga SP Imported by Galesi
Arriola SP  
Arrizabalaga & Azanza SP  
Arrizabalaga, Calixto SP  
Arrostegui, Eulugio SP  
Arsenal Co. BU Private, nongovernment firm;
Arsenal de Tula SX  
Artic US mfr. of pistols Brand of Crescent
Artigis GE  
Artillerie Inrichtigen NE Military arsenal
Artistic Arms US Mfr. of rifles
Arva SP  
Ascaso, F. SP  
Ascensio Zabala SP  
Ashton (P. H. or W.) SP  
Aspiri, Antonio SP Mfr. of pistols; see Colon B. H.
Aston (W. or H.) US  
Astra SP  
Astra Unceta y Cia SP  
Athena JA SKB Firearms Co.
Atkin, Grant & Lang EN  
Atlas SP/IT Importer/distributor
Attila HU Auto-loading pistol;mfd. by Feg Union
Aubrey, A. J. US Mfd. for Sears, Roebuck & Co.
Audax FN Brand D'Armes des Pyrenees
August Francolette Co. US  
August Francotte BG Mfr. of shotguns
August Menz GE/WG  
August Schüler GE Also see Reform
August Schüler GE  
Aurora SP  
Auslands Patent GE Trademark of August Schüler; see Reform
Austen AS Military weapons; see Sten
Australia AS  
Australian Arms AS  
Australian Automatic AS  
Australian Automatic Arms AS Tazmania, Australia
Austria AU  
Auto Mag US See AMT., T. D. E., or Jurras
Auto Nine Corp. US Parma, ID
Autograde US  
Automatic Arms FN South Carolina
Automatic Model 1924 SP  
Automatic Pistole ZKP CK Military weapons
Automatique Francaise FN See Societe D'Armes
Auto-Ordnance Corp. US Mfr. of submachine guns and semiautomatic rifles
Auto-Wing US Shotgun model of Universal Firearms Corp.
Avant Inds. US  
Avenger - Revolvers
Avion/Avion Pistolet SP Mfd. by Azpiri
AVK-BV GE See Gustloff
A W C Systems Technology US Phoenix, AZ
Aya SP Shotguns
Azanza & Arrizabalaga SP  
Azcoaga & Arrieta SP Imported by Galesi
Azpiri/Antonio Azpiri SP Mfr. of pistols; see Colon B. H.
Azul (Mauser copy) SP Model of Arizaga


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