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Database of USA Gunmakers

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ZARTMAN, Joshua— 77 North 5th St., Newark, Ohio, active 1852-1886.
ZETTLER BROS.— New York, N. Y. 1868-1918. 134 Bowery in 1868; 224 Bowery to 1886; then 159 W. 23rd St. Percussion and breech loading target rifles.
ZICHANG, A. O. — Syracuse, N. Y. Famed for his accurate rifles. Born in Saxony, Germany in 1846, of a long line of professional gun smiths. Came to U. S. in 1876 and shortly after found employ ment with Sharps Rifle Co., at Bridgeport, Conn., which probably influenced his frequent choice of Sharps-Borchard actions for his best and most accurate rifles. From Bridgeport he went to Syracuse where he became associated with Nichols and Lefever, and in 1879 opened his own shop, doing general gunsmithing and specializing in fine target rifles. In 1919 he turned the manage ment of the shop over to his son, William O. Zichang, but con tinued to use the shop and do some work until his death in 1925.
ZICHANG, William O. — Syracuse gunsmith, son and successor of A. O. Zichang.
ZIEGLER, H. D.— Portsmouth, Ohio, 1858-65. Listed as H. D. Ziegler & Co. in 1866.
ZIMMERMAN— Pennsylvania.
ZOLLINGER, A.— Lagrange Co., Ind.
ZOOK, D. — Unidentified. Maker of over-under, swivel breech, percus sion rifle.
ZORGER, C— Unidentified. Flintlock Kentucky rifles, about 1800.
ZORGER, Frederick — York, Pa. Revolutionary War period. Was on guard duty March 17, 1778. Name on flintlock pistol. Listed as "Tenant Gun Smith."
ZORGER, G.— York, Pa. Revolutionary War period. Name on flintlock rifle.
ZUCCARELLE, N. B.— Pulaski, Tenn. Arms maker.
ZUENDORFF, John— 106 East Houston St., New York, N. Y., 1850-60.
ZUZER, J. G.— Arnheim, Pa., 1850.

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