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Database of USA Gunmakers

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I. A. A. M.
 Unidentified. Kentucky rifle.
I. A. D.
 Rothen Berg. Engraved on barrel of very early Kentucky (or German) rifle of Edward Marshall, who participated in the historic "Indian Walk" Pennsylvania land purchase of 1737.
I. A. M
Unidentified. Percussion Kentucky rifle.
I. E.
 Unidentified. Initials stamped inside the lock of a plain, colonial flintlock musket, marked "HENRY" on lock and barrel. Possibly John Eberly, gunsmith under William Henry I, Lancaster, Pa., 1729-1786. In the late 18th and early 19th Centuries letters J and I were interchanged rather freely in writing.
I. G.
 Possibly J. G. Full stock, flintlock Kentucky rifle with con verted lock marked "W. T. HOWELL & CO."
I. G. H.
 Unidentified, period of 1810. Flintlock Kentucky rifles. Prob ably same as J. G. H., percussion Kentucky rifles.
I. H.
 Initials of Isaac Hull, U. S. Inspector of Contract Arms, (boarding pikes and ship's cutlasses) in 1808, at plant of Nathan Starr.
I. L.
 Unidentified. Full stocked, percussion Kentucky rifle.
I. P.
 Unidentified. Middle flintlock period Kentucky rifles of fine workmanship.
ICKES, Jacob
 Vicinity of Weyant, Bedford, Co., Pa., 1876.
See B. & B. Darling.
Ingall, Brown
Gunsmith of Portland, Bucksport, Andover and Blue Hill, Maine, percussion arms.
 Portland, Andover, Blue Hill, and Bucksport, Me. Percussion rifles.
Inhoff, Benedict
Gunsmith of Heidelberg Township, Berks County, Pa., active 1781-83 only.
INHOFF, Benedict
 Heidelberg Township, Berks Co., Pa., 1781-82.
Inland Ordnanoe Co.
Subsidiary of McMyler Interstate Corp. Navy guns during the World War.
IRVINE, Callender
 Commissary General, Military Stores, 1812-15. Negotiated arms contracts. This function taken over by Ordnance Dept. from 1816.
Irving Co., W.
Cliff Street, New York City. Revolver maker including a few of James Reid’s patent of April 28, 1863. Active 1866.
 20 Cliff St., New York, N. Y., 1862-63 and after. Maker of Reid patent 6 and 7-shot rim fire cartridge revolvers. After 1863 made 6-shot percussion revolvers because of infringement on Rollin White patents controlled by Smith & Wesson.
ISAAC, George
 Main Street, Buffalo, N. Y., 1832.
Isch Christian
Gunsmith of Lancaster, Pa. He agreed “beginning Monday, November 20, 1775, to made muskets and bayonets for this county, (part of the number required by the Honorable House of Assembly) at the Philadelphia prices; and that he will confine himself to that work entirely from that time to the first day of March next and make as many as he can possibly complete in the time.” Active 1774-82.
ISCH, Christian
 Lancaster County, Pa., musket maker to Com mittee of Safety. Agreed to confine himself to the production of muskets and bayonets towards the fulfillment of the county quota, from Nov. 20, 1775, until March 1, 1776.
Ithaca Gun Co.
123 Lake Street, Ithaca, N. Y. Active from 1889 or earlier, incorporated 1904 and active to dale. Absorbed the LeFever Arms Co., Union Firearms Co., Syracuse Arms Co. and the Wilkes- Barre Gun Co.
 Ithaca, N. Y., 1873 to present.
 Worcester, Mass., 1871 1891, Fitchburg, Mass., from 1891. Revolver and shotgun manu facturers.

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