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Database of USA Gunmakers

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YACHUM, D.— Pennsylvania.
YAGER, Charles — East Main Street, Elizabeth Borough, Lancaster, Pa., 1869-70.
YAHNER, Henry F.— R.F.D. lc, Loretto, Cambria Co., Pa. Born Oct. 15, 1860 at Boniface Farm near Loretto. Learned blacksmithing from his father; set up gunsmith shop in 1915. Made percussion rifles, shotguns, 3 over-under rifle-shotguns, stamped "H. F, YAHNER LORETTO." Bored and rifled barrels, made his own locks; stocked in black walnut with plain inlays of brass, German silver, silver, or dollars. Last gun made about 1945, but still makes repairs and sporting conversions.
YATES, A. — And "1776" engraved on octagon, very heavy barrel rifle.
YENAN, T. M. — Unlocated. Percussion sporting rifle.
YERIAN, Frederick — Gunsmith. Sharon Township, Noble Co., Ohio. Early period of Ohio.
YERIAN, John— Sharon, Ohio, 1879-82.
YERIAN, L. M.— Cumberland, Ohio, 1883-1902.
YESLET, H.— Or Yesley. Unidentified. About 1840.
YOCOM, Nicholas — Employed as musket barrel maker by Joseph Henry in 1810.
YOCUM — Unlocated. Handsome, heavy flintlock Kentucky rifle, silver and brass inlaid.
YOKUM, Nicholas & Son — Furnished iron for John Keim shops on Wyomissing Creek, Berks Co., Pa.; succeeded Keim in business; later sold out to Franklin K. Schnader. See Keim, John.
YOMENS— Charlotte, N. C. See Youmans.
YOST, Casper — Lancaster County, Pa., active before and after 1773 78. Gunsmith to Committee of Safety in 1777.
YOST, John — Georgetown, Md. Revolutionary War period.
YOST, John— Montgomery County, Md., before and after 1771-83. Musket and rifle contractor to Committee of Safety in 1775.
YOUMANS — Lancaster, Pa. Revolutionary War period. Members of this family migrated to Charlotte, N. C.
YOUNG & SMITH — Unlocated. 6-shot percussion pepperbox.
YOUNG REPEATING ARMS CO.— Columbus, Ohio. Hammerless shot guns.
YOUNG, Charles A.— Maker of 2-shot shotguns, 1901-02.
YOUNG, D. — Middleburg, Snyder Co., Pa. Early percussion period.
YOUNG, Henry— Easton, Pa., before and after 1770-80. Located at the intersection of Minnisink Highway, main mountain thoroughfare, and Old Sullivan Road.
YOUNG, J. — Michigan City, Mich. Halfstock percussion target rifle. Possibly same as James Young, Detroit.
YOUNG, Jacob— Unlocated, period of 1820. Flintlock Kentucky rifles.
YOUNG, James — Detroit, Mich., percussion period.
YOUNG, John — Easton, Northampton County, Pa. Before and after 1775-88. Brother of Henry Young. In association with Johnston Smith, Pennsylvania rifle and musket maker contracted in Feb ruary, 1776, to furnish arms to the State of Virginia. With Adam Foulke in April, 1776, contracted to supply the Council of Safety (of Pennsylvania) with 130 rifles. John Young was an expert en graver and at times had worked for his brother Henry.
YOUNG, John— Maryland. Armorer to the Colony 1728-40.
YOUNG, Joseph— Harpers Run, W. Va.
YOUNG, Michael — Gunsmith. Government Stockade, Mansfield, Rich land Co., Ohio. War of 1812.
YOUNG, Nathaniel— Gunsmith. Fairfield Co., Ohio, 1803.
YOUNG, P. — Pennsylvania. Revolutionary War period.
YOUS, Joshua — Unidentified. Percussion Kentucky rifle.
YOUST, John — Frederick Co., Md. Contracted to make muskets for Council of Safety, in March, 1776.
YOUTZE— Gunsmith, Wilmot, Stark Co., Ohio.

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