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A picture glossary of edged weapons
Glossario illustrato delle armi bianche
Bilderlexikon der Blankwaffen
Glossaire illustré des armes blanches

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This is an illustrated glossary of the ancient and exotic edged arms; being often mentioned in books and articles, these weapons are hardly described or depicted. Using books and the Internet I was able to gather up to about 500 pictures and I am going to add more in the future.
Such a demanding work could not have been done without the help of others’ work, and I am listing my main sources below.
Each page has a size of about 200 kb.
Concerning the pictures, I did my best not to violate the copyright protecting them: I only copied the weapon, not the picture, whose size has always been reduced and whose quality will always be lower than the original.
I am at disposal of everyone who may be against such publication of his images. Nevertheless, I must ask to keep in mind that this site has non profit aims, but just cultural purposes, like a free encyclopedia.


The starting research was based on the work of George Cameron STONE “A glossary of the construction, decoration and Use of Arms and Armor in all countries and in all times”, Portland, 1983 (reprinted by Dover Publication, Minneola, NY in 1998).
For the Italian arms I have widely used the work of Carlo DE VITA “Armi bianche dal Medioevo all’Età Moderna”, Firenze, 1983, with the patronage of the Ministero per i Beni Culturali.
For the Germanic arms I have used the work of Müller – Kölling – Platov “Europäische Hieb- und Stichwaffen”.
Out of the websites I used, I will highlight as the most important the following:

Africans weapons
Ancient arms
Ancient East Importers
Arms, armour: weapons and accoutrements of warriors in Bharat
Australian arms
Blade of the word
Bonhams & Butterfields
Knife Encyclopedia
LionGate Arms & Armour
Mediæval Sword Virtual Museum
Ancient arms
Old blades - Malay world edged weapons
Swords world
The Japanese sword guide


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