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Glossario delle abbreviazioni inglesi per armi e munizioni

AA - antiaircraft
AAM - air-to-air missile
Abt (ted.) - Abteilung Detachment/Battalion
ACK - Acknowledgment
ACP - allied communication publication
AD - antihandling device (mines)
ADA - air defense artillery
ADAM - area denial artillery munitions
ADHPM - artillery-delivered high-precision munition
Admin/log - administration and logistics (radio net)
AF - adjust fire
AFCS - automatic fire control system
AFSO - aerial fire support observer
Ag - Silver
AGL - automatic grenade launcher
Ah (ted.) - Anhaenger - trailer
AHEAD - Advanced Hit Efficiency and Destruction
AIFV- airborne infantry fighting vehicle
Aka - also known as
Al - Aluminum or Aluminium.
AL/RDX - aluminized RDX
AL/RDX - aluminized RDX (ammunition)
ALCM - air-launched cruise missile
ALOC - administration and logistics oper
ALOG - administration and logistics area
AM - amplitude modulated (communications)
AMC - at my command
Ammo - ammunition
Amp - amplifier
Anv - Anvil
AP - antipersonnel
AP - armour piercing
AP HE - armor-piercing high explosive
APAM - antipersonnel - anti-materiel (ammunition)
APC - armored personnel carrier
APC(BC) - armour piercing, capped, (ballistic capped)
APCR - armour piercing, composite, rigid
APC-T - armor-piercing tracer (ammunition)
APDS - armour piercing, discarding sabot
APE - armor-piercing explosive (ammunition)
APERS-T - antipersonnel - tracer (ammunition)
APFSDS - armour piercing, fin stabilised, discarding sabot
APHC - armour piercing, hard core (anche APCR)
APHE - armour piercing high explosive
API - armour piercing incendiary
API - blowback advanced primer ignition blowback:
APICM - antipersonnel improved conventional munitions
APIT - Armor piercing incendiary tracer
API-T - armor-piercing incendiary tracer
APSV - armour piercing super velocity (simile a APDS)
APT - armor-piercing tracer (ammunition)
APU - auxiliary power unit; auxiliary propulsion unit
ARM - anti-radiation missile
ARV - ammunition resupply vehicle
ASL - authorized stockage list
ASM - air-to-surface missile
ASP - ammunition supply point
AT - antitank
ATC - ammunition team chief
ATGL - antitank grenade launcher
ATGM - antitank guided missile
ATHDB - automatic transmission howitzer data base
ATHS - airborne target hand-over system
ATP - ammunition transfer point
Ausf (ted.) - Ausfuehrung - Variant or Model
Auto - automatic
Aux - auxiliary
AVLB - armored vehicle-launched bridge
B - Bullet
B - belted case (es. 20x105B)
BAO - battalion ammunition officer
BAT - be advised that (AFCS message)
BB - base bleed
BC - Battery cup (primer)
BC - Battery commander
BCS - battery computer system
BCU - battery computer unit
Bef.Wg (ted.) - Befehlswagen - Command Vehicle
Benet - Benet primed
Beob.Wg (ted.) - Beobachtungswagen - Observation Post Vehicle
BIT - built-in test
BITE - built-in test equipment
BK - Bordkanone (ted.)
Blt - Bullet
Bltd - Belted (case or bullet)
Bn - Battalion
BOC - battery operations center
BP - Blackpowder
Br - Brass
BSA - brigade support area
BSOC- battalion supply operations center
BT - Boat tail (bullet)
Btry - battery
Btt - Boat tail
BUCS - backup computer system
BW - biological warfare, including ammunition type.
BW - Brass washed
BW (ted.) - Bataillonfuhrerwagen - battalion commander's vehicle
C - centigrade
C2- command and control
C3 - command, control, and communication
Cal - Caliber
Cann - Cannelure
CATV - carrier, ammunition, tracked vehicle:
Cbt - combat
CC - cargo-carrying
CCD - cover, concealment, and deception; also charged-coupled device, an imaging sensor
CCDWL - Conceal and Carry a Deadly Weapon License (e.g., Kentucky)
CCM - counter-countermeasure
CCW - Carrying a Concealed Weapon
CE - chemical energy:
C-E - communications-electronics
CEP - circular error probable
CEWI - combat electronics warfare and intelligence
CF - Centerfire
CFP - Concealed Firearm Permit (e.g., Utah)
Chem - chemical (ammunition type)
CHL - Concealed Handgun License (e.g., Texas, New Mexico)
CIWS - close-in weapon system; a naval short-range AA/anti-missile system
CkNk - Cracked neck
CL - Case length
CM - countermeasure
Cmd- command (radio net)
CMF - career management field
CMS - Case mouth seal
CN - Cupronickel
CNCS - Cupronickel-clad steel
CNR - combat net radio
Coax - coaxial
COLT - combat observation/lasing team
Comm - communications
COMSEC - communications security
CONOPS - continuous operations
Corr - Corrugated
CP command post
CPH Copperhead
CPL - Concealed Pistol License
Cr - Crimped
CRV - combat reconnaissance vehicle
Cs - Case
CS - chief of section
CSS - combat service support
CTA - cased telescoped ammunition (il proiettile e' contenuto nel bossolo, di solito combustibile
Ctg(e) - Cartridge
Cu. - Copper
CVC - combat vehicle crewman
CW - continuous wave (communications)
CW - Copper washed
CWL - Concealed Weapons License
CWP - Concealed Weapon Permit (e.g., Arizona)
CWS - Copper-washed Steel
DAK (ted.) - Deutschen Afrikakorps - German Africa Corps
DAP - distant aiming point
DBR - data base recording
Df - deflection
DIVARTY - division artillery
DMD - digital message device
DPICM - dual-purpose improved conventional munitions
DPICM-BB - dual-purpose improved conventional munitions, base-bleed
DRU - dynamic reference unit
DS - direct support
DTG - date-time group
DU - depleted uranium
DVO - direct-view optics
DW (ted.) - Durchbruchwagen - breakthrough vehicle/tank
Dy - Dummy
Ee - each
EA - emergency action
ECCM - electronic counter-countermeasures
ECM - electronic countermeasure
EFP - explosively-formed penetrator
EIOC - estimated IOC
EMD - engineering, manufacture and development. Fielding phase between prototype and IOC
EMP - electro-magnetic pulse, including ammunition type.
EO - electro-optic, electro-optical
EOL - end of the orienting line
ER - extended range
ERA - explosive reactive armor
ERFB - extended range full-bore (ammunition)
ERFB-BB - extended range full-bore, base-bleed (ammunition)
Est - estimate
ET - electronic timing (ammunition fuze type)
EW -electronic warfare
Exper - Experimental
Expl - Explosive
Expr - Express
FA - Field artillery
FAASV - field artillery ammunition support vehicle:M992 (also called CATV)
FAE - fuel-air explosive (ammunition).
FAPDS - Frangible armour piercing discarding sabot
FASCAM - family of scatterable mines
FB - Flat base
FC - fire control
FCS - fire control system
FD - fire direction (radio net)
FDC - fire direction center
FDO - fire direction officer
FE - Fired empty
FFAR - folding-fin aerial rockets
FFE - fire for effect
FFL - Federal Firearm License, Gun Control Act of 1968
FGB (ted) - Flächengondelbewaffnung, an aircraft gun pod
an aircraft gun pod
Fgst (ted.) - Fahrgestell - chassis
FH - Flash hole
FH - frequency-hopper (radio, communications)
FH (ted.) - Feldhaubitze - Field Howitzer
FIST fire support team
FK (ted.) - Feldkanone - Field Gun
FlaK (ted.) - Fliegerabwehrkanone ,AA artillery; FLIR - forward-looking infrared (thermal sensor)
FLIR - forward-looking infrared (thermal sensor)
FLOT - forward line of own troops
FM - frequency modulated or fire mission
FMJ - full metal jacket or fully metal jacketed,
FMPDS - frangible missile-piercing discarding sabot
FN - Flat nose (bullet)
FO - forward observer
FOPA - Firearm Owners Protection Act (1986),
FOV - field of view
FPF final protective fire
Frag-HE - fragmentation-high explosive (ammunition)
FSCL - fire support coordination line
FSCM - fire support control measures
FSCOORD - fire support coordinator
FSE - fire support element
FSL - field storage location
FSO - fire support officer
FSU - former Soviet Union
FSU -former Soviet Union
GAU - Gun Aircraft Unit
GCS - ground control station
Gen - generator
Gep. (ted.) - Gepanzert(er) - Armored
Gl'spur (ted.) Glimmspur; a dimly glowing tracer for night use
GM - Gilding metal
GMCS - Gilding metal-clad steel
GPMG general purpose machine gun
Gr - Grooved
Gr.W. (ted.) - Granatwerfer - Mortar / Rocket Projector
GS - general support
GSG - gunnery sergeant
Gw. (ted.) - Geschutzwagen - Gun Vehicle / Gun Carriage
HB - high burst
HC - high capacity; a shell with an unusually large (HE) capacity
HCBE - hexachloroethane (smoke), base eject
Hd - Head
HE - high explosive (ammunition)
HE - high explosive; the normal filling of cannon shells
HEAP - High explosive/armor piercing
HEAT - high-explosive antitank (also referred to as shaped-charge ammunition)
HEAT-FS - high-explosive antitank, fin-stabilized (ammunition)
HEAT-MP - high-explosive antitank, multi-purpose
HEDP - high-explosive dual-purpose; projectile wh ich combines hollow-charge with HE effect
HEFI - high-explosive fragmentation incendiary (ammunition)
HEI - high-explosive incendiary (ammunition)
HEMTT - heavy expanded-mobility tactical truck
HEP-T - high explosive plastic-tracer (ammunition)
HESH - high-explosive squash head (ammunition)
HF - high frequency (communications)
HHB - headquarters and headquarters battery
HiBr - High brass (shotshell)
HIP - howitzer improvement program
HL (ted.) - Hochleistungsmotor - High Speed Engine
HMG - heavy machine gun
HMMWV - high-mobility multipurpose wheeled vehicle
HP - Hollow point (bullet)
hps - hops per second (communications)
HPT - High pressure test
HQ - headquarters
Hs - Headstamp
Hstp - Headstanip
HUD - head-up display
HV - high velocity
HVAP - high velocity, armour piercing. US description for APCR
HVAP-T - hypervelocity, armor-piercing tracer (ammunition)
I.G (ted.) - Infanteriegeschuetz - infantry howitzer
IAW - in accordance with
ICM - improved conventional munition (ammunition, round containing submunitions/grenades)
ICOM- integrated communications security
IEW - intelligence and electronic warfare
IFF - identification friend-or-foe
IFV - infantry fighting vehicle - improved conventional munition; frag-He bomblet submunition
II - image intensification (night sighting system)
ILS - instrument landing system
INA - information not available
Incend - incendiary
IOC - interim operational capability
IP - Inside primed
IPB intelligence preparation of the battlefield
IR - infrared
IRBM - intermediate-range ballistic missile (3,001-5,500 km)
I-T - incendiary - tracer (ammunition)
IWB - Inside Waist-Band (A type of holster)
Jabo (ted.) - Jagdbomber - fighter bomber
Jgd.Pz (ted.) - Jagdpanzer - Hunting Tank / Tan k Destroyer
JHP - jacketed hollowpoint
JMEMS - joint munitions effectiveness manual
JSP - Jacketed soft-point
K (ted.) - Kanone - Gun/Cannon
KE - kinetic energy:
KG (ted.) - Kampfgruppe - Combat/Battle Group
K-kill - catastrophic kill (simulation lethality data)
KwK (ted.) - Kampfwagenkanone - Combat Vehicle Gun (Tank Gun)
Kz. (ted.) - Kurz - Short
L - Lead
L (ted.) - ( kaliber/lange - Caliber Length
Lac - Lacquer(ed)
LAFV - light armored fighting vehicle
LEO - Law Enforcement Officer
Lg. (ted.) - Lang - Long
LHP - lead hollowpoint
LIC low-intensity conflict
Lkw (ted.) - Lastkraftwagen - Cargo Truck
LLLTV - low-light-level television
LMG - light machinegun
LoBr - Low brass (shotshell)
LP listening post
LRF - laser rangefinder
LRU - line replaceable unit
L'Spur (ted.) - Leuchtspur, tracer;
LMG - light machine gun
LTC - License To Carry (e.g., Massachusetts)
LV - low velocity
LZ - landing zone
MA - Mouth annulus (case mouth seal)
Mag - Attracts a magnet (ferrous)
Mag - Magnum
MAPS - modular azimuth positioning system
Max - Maximum
MBL - mean burst location
MCLOS - manual command-to-line-of-sight
MCS - microclimate conditioning system
MDS - meteorological data system
MedBr - Medium brass (shotshell)
Met - meteorology
METL - mission essential task list
METT-T - mission, enemy, terrain, troops, and time available
MFKT - mobile field kitchen trailer
MG - machinegun
Mg - Magnesium
MG (ted.) - (Maschinengewehr) - Machine Gun
M-Geschoss (ted.) - Minengeschoss or mine shell
MHE - material handling equipment
Mil - Military
Mk - Mark
MK (ted.) - Maschinenkanone, automatic cannon
MLRS - multiple launch rocket system
MMG - medium machine gun: a heavy gun of rifle calibre
MMW - millimeter wave (sensor mode, band in the electromagnetic spectrum)
MP (ted.) -(Maschinenpistole) - Submachine Gun
MPI - mean point of impact
MRBM - medium-range ballistic missile (1,001-3,000 km)
MRE - meals, ready to eat
MRL - multiple rocket launcher
Mrs. (ted.) - Morser - Heavy Mortar
MSE - mobile subscriber equipment
MSR - main supply route
MTLR - moving-target-locating radar
MTOE - modification tables of organization and equipment
Mun.Pz (ted.) - Munitions-Panzerwagen - Ammunition Carrier
MV - muzzle velocity
MVV - muzzle velocity variation
N/A - not applicable
NASP - nuclear ammunition supply point
Nb.W (ted.) - Nebelwerfer - Smoke / High Explosive Ammunition Mortar
NBC - nuclear, biological, and chemical
NbK (ted.) - Nahverteidigungswaffe - close-in defense weapon
NCOIC - noncommissioned officer in charge
NCS - net control station
Nd - neodymium, type oflaser rangefinder
NF - Needlefire
NFA - National Firearms Act (1934),
NFA - no-fire area
NFI - no further information
NHS - No headstainp
Nk - Neck
NLT - not later than
NPE - New primed empty
NSN - national stock number
Nuc - nuclear (ammunition type )
Nuc - nuclear (ammunition type )
NUE - New unprimed empty
NVG - night-vision goggle
NVS - night-vision system
OA - Overall (length)
OC - Oleoresin Capiscum:
OCSW - Objective Crew Served Weapon
OIC- officer in charge
OICW- Objective Individual Combat Weapon;
OKH (ted.) - Oberkommando des Heeres - Germany Army High Command
OKW (ted.) - Oberkommando der Wehrmacht - German Armed Forces High Command
OP - observation post
OPCON - operational control
OPE - Open point expanding (bullet)
PL - Polished and lacquered
PA - Primer annulus
PA - power amplifier
PADS - position and azimuth determining system
Pak (ted.) - Panzerabwehrkanone - Anti-Tank Gun
PaK (ted.) - Panzerabwehrkanone, anti-tank gun
PAL - permissive action link
Pantel - panoramic telescope
Pat - Patent
Patr - Patrone (German for Cartridge)
PCB - printed circuit board
PD - point-detonating (ammunition fuze type)
Pdr - Powder
PDU - power distribution unit
PE- probable error
Penaid - Penetration aid, countermeasure system
PF - Pinfire
PFHE - pre-fragmented high explosive
Ph - probability of hit (simulation lethality data)
Pl - Plastic
PIBD - point-initiating base-detonating (ammunition fuze type)
Pintel - post attached to a firing point or vehicle,
Pjk (ted.) - Panzerjaegerkanone - Anti-Tank Gun
Pk - probability of kill (simulation lethality data)
Pkw (ted.) - Personenkraftwagen - Personnel Carrier
PLL - prescribed load list
Plt ldr - platoon leader
Plt - platoon
Plt sgt - platoon sergeant
PMCS - preventive maintenance checks and services
POC - platoon operations center
POL - petroleum, oils and lubricants
PP - Paper patched (bullet)
PSP - Pointed soft point (bullet)
PSW (ted.) - Panzerspaehwagen - Armored Car
PTM - plaintext message
Pwr - power
Pz.Bef.Wg (ted.) - Panzer-Befehlswagen - Command Tank
Pz.Jag (ted.) - Panzerjaeger - Tank Hunter
Pzgr (ted.) - Panzergranate - armor piercing shell
Pzgr (ted.) - Panzergranate , AP Projectile
PzKpfw (ted.) - Panzerkampfwagen - Battle Tank
QE - quadrant elevation
R - rimmed cartridge case (when it occurs at the end of a cartridge designation, as in 20x99R)
R3SP- rearm, refuel, resupply, and survey control point
RAAMS - remote antiarmor mine system
RAM - reliability, survivability, and maintainability
RAP - rocket-assisted projectile
RATELO - radiotelephone operator
RB - rebated rim (case description, added to the end of a cartridge designation, also given as RR)
RC - Ring crimp
RCMG - rifle calibre machine gun, typically of 7.5-8mm calibre
RD - Rim diameter
rd - round
RF - radio frequency
RF - Rimfire
RG - Rifle grenade blank
RHA - rolled homogeneous armor, used as a standard armor hardness for measuring penetration of anti-tank munitions
RHAe - RHA equivalent, a standard used for measuring penetrations against various type armors
RKBA - right to keep and bear arms,
RN - Round nose (bullet)
Rpm rounds per minute; the usual measure of rate of fire
RR - Reduced rim
RR - rebated rim (also given as RB)
RsHs - Raised headstanip
RSO - reconnaissance, selection, and occupation of position
RT - receiver-transmitter
Sab - Sabot
SACLOS - semiautomatic command-to-line-of-sight
SADARM - sense and destroy armor
SAL - semi-active laser;
SAL - semi-active laser; guidance method
SAM - surface-to-air missile
SAP(HE) - semi-armour piercing (high explosive)
SCOTUS - Supreme Court of The United States
SCP - survey control point
SD - self destruct: an HE projectile which is designed a detonate a few seconds after firing
SdKfz (ted.) - Sonderkraftfahrzeug - Special Purpose Motor Vehicle
SDR - sectional density ratio
Ser - Serrated
Sf (ted.) - Selbstfahrlafette - Self-Propelled Gun
SFM- sensor-fuzed munition (artillery ammunition)
SHF - super high-frequency (sensors)
Shld - Shoulder
Shp - shaft horsepower (aircraft)
SIG (ted.) - Sturm-Infanteriegeschütz - Assault Infantry Gun
SIMO - simultaneous observation
SLAP - saboted light armor penetrator (ammunition).
SmId - Smokeless (powder)
SOF - special operations forces
SOI - signal operation instructions
SOP - standard operating procedure
SP - self-propelled
SP - Soft point (bullet)
SPAAG - self-propelled anti-aircraft gun:
SPCE - survey planning and coordination element
Spgr (ted.) - Sprenggranate - high-explosive fragmentation shell
Spt - Sporting
SR - semi-rimmed (or semi-rimless)
SRBM - short-range ballistic missile (0-1,000 km)
SSM - surface-to-surface missile
StuG (ted.) - Sturmgeschuetz - Assault Gun
StuH (ted.) - Sturmpanzerhaubitze - Assault Howitzer
StuK (ted.) - Sturmpanzerkanone - Assault Gun
Stuka (ted.) - Sturzkampfflugzeug - Dive Bomber
SV - super velocity; implies a lighter than standard projectile
Svc - service
SW - special weapons
SWC - Semi wadcutter
SWO - special weapons officer
T - tracer (when attached to a projectile designation)
TA - target acquisition
TACFIRE - tactical fire direction system
TAR - target acquisition radar
TBM - theater ballistic missile
TBMs. - transporter-erector-launcher and radar
TEL - transporter-erector-launcher. Vehicle which carries, raises, and launches TBMs.
TELAR - transporter-erector-launcher and radar
TFK tactical field kitchen
Tgt - target
Ti - time
TLAR - transporter-launcher and radar
TM technical manual
TMDE - test, measurement, and diagnostic equipment
TOC - tactical operations center
TOE - tables of organization and equipment
TOF - time of flight (seconds)
TOT - time on target
TP - target practice: a type of projectile or cartridge used for training
Tr - Tracer
TRADOC - United States Army Training and Doctrine Command
TSOP- tactical standing operating procedures
TTP - tactics, techniques, and procedures
TTR - target tracking radar
TTR - target tracking radar
TW - Top wad (shotshells)
UAV - unmanned aerial vehicle,
UI - unidentified
UMCP - unit maintenance collection point
Unk - Unknown
UPE - Unprimed empty (case)
UTE- unable to execute (AFCS message)
VEESS - vehicle engine exhaust smoke system
VFMED variable format message entry device
VK (ted.) - Vollkettenfahrzueg - Full Tracked Vehicle
VK (ted.) - Versuchskonstruktion - Experimental Construction / Prototype
vs - versus
VT - variable time (fuze)
W - with
w/ - with (followed by associated object)
WC - Wadcutter
WdRd - Wood rod
Wg. (ted.) - Wagen - Vehicle
WLR - weapons-locating radar
WMD - weapons of mass destruction
WP - white phosphorus (ammunition)
XO - executive officer
Xpl - Experimental
Zerl. (ted.) - Zerleger, self-destroying (fuze)
Zgkw (ted.) - Zugkraftwagen - prime mover/semi-tracked vehicle
ZUPT - zero velocity update
ZW (ted.) - Zugfuehrerwagen- platoon commander's vehicle

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